Monday’s news links – March 21, 2022

Olympian Who Lost to Lia Thomas Is ‘Proud to Support Trans Athletes’ Insider

Chevron Is Replacing Workers Before They Begin Strike Tonight Labor411

Expand your horizons: English language news broadcasters from India and Iran Gilbert Doctorow


China sees parallel between Ukraine, Taiwan M. K. Bhadrakumar

US Threatens Chinese Banks With SWIFT Disconnection Silk Road Briefing

U.S./NATO war

Ukraine war is backdrop in U.S. push for hypersonic weapons Fortune

Ukraine President Zelenskyy bans 11 opposition parties over alleged Russian links Op India

US and NATO allies arm neo-Nazi units in Ukraine as foreign policy elites yearn for Afghan-style insurgency Grayzone

How Much Less Newsworthy Are Civilians in Other Conflicts? FAIR

Ukraine-Russia: like an earthquake Michael Roberts

Social media giants allow hate speech against Russia but silence Israel’s critics Middle East Eye

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