Sunday’s news links – March 20, 2022

Video captures Wisconsin officer kneeling on 12-year-old girl’s neck TheHill

‘Communities Should Not Pay Amazon. It Should Be the Other Way Around.’ FAIR

Lights Out: Profitable Utility Company Shut Off Electricity to Homes Hundreds of Thousands of Times ProPublica

The omicron wave killed patients along glaring racial and class disparities Washington Post


Nineteen Years Ago Today the Bush Administration Invaded Iraq in One of the Worst Crimes of the Modern Era Covert Action Magazine

Colin Powell: ‘Human rights’ NGOs are ‘force multipliers’ for US military, part of ‘combat team’ M/P


Starving a People, Committing a Genocide: Biden’s Sanctions on Afghanistan Counterpunch


Clip Of Biden Boasting He Proposed NATO’s 78-Day Airstrikes On Belgrade Goes Viral In China Tyler Durden


U.S./NATO war

Was bombing of Mariupol theater staged by Ukrainian Azov extremists to trigger NATO intervention? Grayzone

Non-stop arms: ambassador to U.S. says Washington shipping more military aid to Ukraine than reported Anti-bellum

What Will Be The Geographic End State Of The War In Ukraine MoA

Who are the foreign fighters traveling to Ukraine? What we know and what we don’t Peoples Dispatch

Many worry that the influx of allegedly 20,000 foreign fighters into Ukraine could exacerbate existing problems with far-right insurgency worldwide

Neo-Nazis are exploiting Russia’s war in Ukraine for their own purposes Washington Post

What I Got Wrong And Why Patrick Armstrong

I did not expect Russia to invade Ukraine. I was quite definite about it several times: “Russia will not invade Ukraine” I said. I envisaged several possibilities but nothing like what we have seen in the last weeks. My argument was based on the assumption that Moscow did not want to take ownership of, in Åslund’s words, “the poorest country in Europe“. …

So why was I wrong? What did I miss?

I believe I missed three things – two I didn’t know about and one that I did but did not properly weigh. These are: the nuclear weapons issue, the planned strike on LDNR [Donetsk] and the biolabs.

At the Munich Conference, Ukraine President Zelensky alluded to the possibility that Ukraine might make nuclear weapons. …

The second reason for the attack was the assessment– and some documents have been said to have been discovered – that Kiev was planning an assault on LDNR in March. …

I knew there were a large number of US biolabs around the world – indeed the whole world is now aware of the one in Wuhan and I think I was generally aware that there were some in Ukraine. In this respect the investigative reporting of Dilyana Gaytandzhieva is essential reading. A “conspiracy theory” only a week or so ago, none other than Nuland herself has admitted their existence.

From 2015: U.S. House Admits Nazi Role in Ukraine Consortium News

The IMF connection with the Ukraine crisis MR Online

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