Saturday’s news links – March 12, 2022

Striking educators march in downtown Minneapolis. Photo: Brad Sigal

Minneapolis teachers and education assistants holding strong on Day 4 of strike! FightBack!

Union Authorizes Strike Vote Against Major SoCal Supermarkets Patch

Only 18% Of Americans Say Their Wages Are Keeping Pace With Soaring Inflation Tyler Durden

Why daylight saving time is unhealthy – a neurologist explains The Conversation


How Did This Many Deaths Become Normal? Ed Yong

‘It Is Disheartening’ New York restaurant workers react to the end of the citywide vaccine mandate New York Magazine

What Google Search Isn’t Showing You The New Yorker

Brave Search and Presearch say they don’t censor search results Reclaim the Net


Yemen war deaths will reach 377,000 by end of the year: UN Al Jazeera


The Uyghur Podcast Brought to You by a CIA Torture Propagandist CovertAction Magazine

Russia Allows Chinese Banks To Buy Oil Without Letters Of Credit To Bypass Western Sanctions Tyler Durden

South Korea’s ‘maverick’ new president rides tough-on-China platform to victory Politico

U.S./NATO war

Anti-Russian hysteria in the US: Who does it serve? Peoples Dispatch

Pregnant Woman Injured in Mariupol Hospital Bombing – Fake News? Orinoco Tribune

Disarming Ukraine Day 15: A Curious Hospital Bombing And ‘No-Fly Zone’ Pressure MoA

The Sanction Backlash Will Push The ‘West’ To Accept Russia’s Demands MoA

EU military aid to Ukraine to exceed $1 billion Anti-bellum

The White House is briefing TikTok stars about the war in Ukraine Washington Post

Is Biden Looking to Reignite a Dirty War in Ukraine? Recent Visit by U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Raises Concerns Covert Action Magazine

Classified US Intelligence Chat Rooms a ‘Dumpster Fire’ of Hate Speech, Says Ex-NSA Contractor SpyTalk


Deutsche Bank reverses course on Russia, says it is unwinding business there after Ukraine invasion CNBC

Guns n’ gas: the German government’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine Canadian Dimension  

On February 22, the German government halted the Nord Stream 2 approval process. On February 26, two days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Germany joined the US, Britain, Canada, France, Italy and the EU Commission to impose new sanctions on Russia. The Germans also began sending weapons to Ukraine. One day later, Scholz announced the largest rearmament program since the Second World War.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz Could Save Germany, and Europe WSJ

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stunned the world and his own country on Feb. 27 when he announced a revolution in the way Berlin will conduct foreign and defense policy in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. A paradox has manifested itself in the days since: Observers are so focused on the magnitude of these massive changes that they haven’t much discussed the gargantuan ones that will by necessity accompany them. The outline of the chancellor’s plan is well known by now, and pray it all comes true. Berlin is creating a €100 billion ($113 billion) special defense budget

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