Friday’s news links – March 11, 2022

Tennessee White Man Accused Of Rape Gets Probation–Black Woman In Same County Got 6 Years For Registering To Vote NewsOne

Ryan Coogler 911 Call Draws Attention To Bank Of America’s History Of Racist Practices Against Black Customers Bruce C.T. Wright

Mask Mandates Cut COVID-19 Spread in Schools, Studies Find Education Week

United House OKs $13.6B for Ukraine in huge spending bill AP

The House approved a massive spending bill Wednesday night that would rush $13.6 billion in U.S. aid to battered Ukraine and its European allies, after top Democrats abruptly dropped their plan to include fresh funds to battle COVID-19.

VIDEO: Congress screws American workers to escalate war on Russia Grayzone


US is Now Provoking Taiwan NEO

U.S./NATO war

Europe is Censoring Media Telling Truth About Ukraine, Ex-Bolivian President Morales Says Sputnik

Facebook and Instagram will temporarily permit posts that call for violence against invading Russians and Putin from users in certain countries like Ukraine and Poland, report says Business Insider

US Police Have So Much Extra Gear They’re Sending It to Ukraine Vice

Kiev Has Killed 14,000 Civilians Since 2014, Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity, Morales Says Sputnik

When Did the Ukraine War Begin? Counterpunch

The conception that the war started on February 24 of this year is like viewing the “invasion” by the US and its allies of Normandy in June 1944 against the “sovereign” and “democratic” Vichy French as the start of World War II. Never mind that the Vichy government was a puppet of the Nazis; that the opportunities to negotiate had long been rejected; that the war had been raging for years; and that the only option for stopping the Nazis was militarily.

The GRU has exposed dangerous Ukrainian plans Batko Milacic

During his daily briefing early on March 9, the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, General Igor Konashenkov, said that Russian troops had seized documents confirming Kiev’s plans to attack the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics in Donbass.

Disarming Ukraine Day 15: A Curious Hospital Bombing And ‘No-Fly Zone’ Pressure MoA

I was a nuclear missile operator. There have been more near-misses than the world knows Guardian

U.S. aircraft carrier, six guided-missile warships off entry to Black Sea Anti-bellum

A US-Backed, Far Right–Led Revolution in Ukraine Helped Bring Us to the Brink of War Jacobin

The AFL-CIO’s Nazi Friendly Union in Ukraine CovertAction

Russia Sanctions Blowback Only Beginning: Globalization in the Crosshairs, Russian Retaliation Coming? Yves Smith

Latin America, As a Whole, Refuses to Embrace Total Economic War Against Russia Nick Corbishley

The Ukrainian Cyberwar That Wasn’t Farhad Manjoo

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