Thursday’s news links – March 10, 2022

Black Panther director Ryan Coogler fans accuse Bank of America of ‘racism’ over ‘robbery’ fiasco The Independent

How a deadly protest shooting deepened distrust of Portland police The Independent

Activists are calling for an investigation into the city’s police bureau for spreading misinformation following the killing of activist June Knightly

Hawaiian activists celebrate closure announcement of Navy’s fuel facility Peoples Dispatch

Deutsche Bank Has Lost 38 Percent of Its Market Value in a Month Pam Martens and Russ Martens

German defense spending increases by 36 pct in 20 years Xinhua

U.S.-Trained Officers Have Led Numerous Coups in Africa Intercept

In Praise of “Whataboutism” Black Agenda Report

Hyun Lee


In Memoriam of Hyun Lee Women Cross DMZ

The unknown oligarch fighting for an endless Korean war Responsible Statecraft


Chinese military spokesperson vows zero tolerance for “Taiwan independence” separatist acts ECNS

U.S./NATO war

U.S. Nailed to the Wall on Illicit Biological Weapons Labs in Ukraine Gilbert Doctorow

Data on US Biolabs in Ukraine Shows ‘Instrument of Direct Threat’ to Russia – Foreign Ministry Sputnik

Moscow: US-funded Biolabs in Ukraine Engaged in Development of Components for Biological Weapons Sputnik

China urges U.S. to release details of bio-labs in Ukraine ECNS

‘Why did the Ukrainians have to kill us?’ Stories from refugees fleeing DPR to Russia RT

NEW REPORT: US Military Personnel Have Entered a “War Time” Posture Michael Tracey

NATO Says It Didn’t Notice Ukraine Soldier’s Apparent Nazi Symbol in Tweet Newsweek

Map below shows countries that have enacted sanctions against Russia. Notice the absence of African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Central and South American countries. It does not look like ‘the world’ or the ‘international community’ is backing the ‘West’.

The Legality of War Christopher Black

The western mass media and governments have fallen into a frenzy of anti-Russian propaganda over Russia’s military operations in Ukraine. One element of their propaganda war is the claim that Russia’s action is illegal under international law. But is this the case and what does it mean for these countries to make that claim when they have themselves invaded and attacked too many nations to enumerate, every one of which was not only illegal, but without any moral, ethical justification whatsoever?

The Danger of a World Ruled by NATO: Interview with Ángeles Maestro Carlos Aznarez

There was talk at one time of “neither Bush nor Saddam”, “neither NATO, nor Milosevic”, “neither NATO nor Qaddafi”, demonizing Bashar Al Assad in the case of Syria, and so on. In reality, it is an attempt to equate the aggressor with the aggressed. Moreover, with the media lies, which are very important to remember: when the invasion of Iraq was justified, it was because they had non-existent weapons of mass destruction and the image of a cormorant full of oil dying on a beach was used to prove that Saddam Hussein was a terrorist, or the thousands of images that never existed.

The west doesn’t care about the people it kills Donald Johnson

Japan Considers Its Options After U.S. Ban On Russian Oil Charles Kennedy

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