Tuesday’s news links – March 8, 2022

Greta Callahan, president of the teacher chapter of the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers spoke to the media Monday in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis teachers go on strike Tuesday, St. Paul reaches deal StarTribune

Leaked Video: Starbucks Fires Second Union Leader in Buffalo More Perfect Union


Jared Kushner Wanted Pfizer to Put US First in Line for COVID-19 Vaccines Business Insider

Dow falls 800 points as investors fear the impact of surging oil prices Business Insider

Food Crisis About To Get Worse After China Says Winter Wheat Condition Could Be Worst In History Tyler Durden

Oil Prices Sink As Germany Takes A Stance Against Ban On Russian Crude OilPrice

U.S. Gasoline Prices Top $4 For First Time Since 2008 OilPrice

Carnage Everywhere As Market “Begins To Break” Tyler Durden

Russia Threatens to Cut Gas Flows to Europe Via the Nord Stream 1 Pipeline Bloomberg

Russia has the right to take actions that “mirror” the penalties imposed on the Russian economy, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak — who’s also in charge of energy affairs — said in a televised speech late Monday. He said no decision to shut off Nord Stream 1 has yet been taken, and the pipeline is currently operating “at its full capacity.”

Oil and gas lobbyists are using Ukraine to push for a drilling free-for-all in the US Guardian



The media’s racist double standard on Palestine Asmaa Yassin


China Warns U.S. Against Forming Pacific NATO and Backing Taiwan Bloomberg

U.S./NATO war

URGENT: Ukraine arrests progressive youth leaders, reportedly targets them for death

Evo Morales: “We Must Put an End to NATO and US Imperialist Policies” Internationalist 360°

Kiev’s International Legion German-Foreign-Policy.com

Former elite soldiers from NATO countries – including Germany – participate in the war against Russia in Ukraine. This is considered a substitute for regular NATO deployment.

Four Lessons from Ukraine Palestine Chronicle

National Endowment for Democracy Deletes Records of Funding Projects in Ukraine Covert Action Magazine

Deletion needed to preserve big lie of an unprovoked Russian invasion

Turkey defense industry to benefit from drones’ success in Ukraine Jerusalem Post

NATO to launch 27-nation, 30,000-troop exercise off Russian coast Anti-bellum

Ukraine & Nukes MR Online

The New York Times recently published an article by David Sanger entitled “Putin spins a conspiracy theory that Ukraine is on a path to produce nuclear weapons.” Unfortunately, it is Sanger who puts so much spin in his reporting that he leaves his readers with a grossly distorted version of the what the presidents of Russia and Ukraine have said and done.

‘Fascist fitness’: how the far right is recruiting with online gym groups Guardian

Extremely important statements by Putin [Putin explains the military situation to a group of flight attendants.]

Russian Opinion Polls Show Support For Kremlin Was Surging Before The Military Operation Began – And Has Continued John Helmer

You won’t know what hit you and why Gilbert Doctorow

In recent days, in what is surely a coordinated action by NATO and European authorities acting hand in glove, Russian news broadcasters have been taken off servers in Europe and effectively made inaccessible to the entire European public. This modern day “jamming” concerns not just RT or Sputnik, the best known state owned voices of Russia because they broadcast in English and other languages that we all know, but virtually every news outlet based in Russia, public and privately owned, and broadcasting in the Russian language.

In this regard, EU Member States are waging an Information War of greatest significance that is absolutely not mentioned, let alone discussed in Western media, whether mainstream or otherwise. The victim is the European public, which, if bad turns to worse, will not know what hit them and why when cruise or hypersonic missiles descend on NATO bases or infrastructure. This enforced silence prevents Western civil society from taking any steps to save its own neck in what have become wartime conditions on the Continent.

“Russia has vaulted past Iran and North Korea to become the world’s most-sanctioned nation in the span of just 10 days,” Bloomberg reports.


The myth of ‘Russian imperialism’ Renfrey Clarke and Roger Annis

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