Sunday’s news links – March 6, 2022

MLB players create $1 million fund for workers impacted by lockout The Athletic

Getting the Hook: The Met Cancels Opera Singer for Refusing to Condemn Putin Jonathan Turkey

China says it seeks to ‘resolve’ Taiwan question, amid comparisons to Ukraine Washington Post

U.S./NATO war

Zelensky And The Fascists: “He will hang on some tree on Khreshchatyk” MoA

By using Ukraine to fight Russia, the US provoked Putin’s war Aaron Maté

Washington Denies Reality of “Spheres of Influence”–a New Pinnacle of Hypocrisy Graham Fuller

Biden Takes Advantage of the Levers of Power to Protect his Family Business in Ukraine NEO

Not exactly Chernobyl Dmitry Orlov

Another Casualty of the Ukraine Conflict: The Truth Scheerpost

Status Snapshot: Ukrainian Ultra-Nationalist Units Nat South

I’ve tried to reach Ukrainian snipers I met before the invasion. One message came back: ‘It is war here.’ Washington Post [interview with fascist snipers]

3,000 U.S. mercenaries ready to fight in Ukrainian army – report Anti-bellum

The U.S. is semi-blocking RT, so these reports may not be reachable (you can usually get access to RT using a VPN)

Declassified papers reveal extent of US military aid to Ukraine RT

According to the Pentagon’s paperwork, from as early as December Washington had been actively equipping the Kiev government with shotguns, special suits for explosive ordnance disposal and other items useful for combat in urban areas – that’s more than two months before the Russian invasion occurred.

And over the past week the deliveries of American arms to Ukraine intensified further, with Kiev getting Stinger anti-aircraft missile systems for the first time and boosting its arsenal of anti-tank Javelin missiles, among other things.

The list has illustrated the great extent to which the Biden administration “sought to prepare the Ukrainian military to wage a hybrid war against Russia.”

Putin explains why Ukraine attack went beyond Donbass RT

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday that he chose to attack Ukraine beyond the borders of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR) to prevent the West from “endlessly” supplying “nationalists and radicals” with various resources, such as weapons and money. He added that the Russian forces were “practically done” destroying Ukrainian military sites, such as air defenses and weapons depots.

The president stated that he had ordered Russian troops to invade Ukraine last week in order to neutralize the “real threat” coming from Kiev and NATO. Moscow has long protested the Western military infrastructure along its borders and Ukraine’s aspirations to join the US-led bloc.

“They began to say more actively that they will admit [Ukraine] to NATO. What will this lead to? All other members of the alliance must back Ukraine in the case of a military conflict,” Putin said. “They will [attack] Crimea, and we will be forced to go to war with NATO. Do you understand the consequences?” The president stated that he wanted Ukraine to become a neutral country….

Ukraine civilian casualty update United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights

Between 4am on 24 February 2022, when the Russian Federation’s military action against Ukraine started, and 24:00 (local time) on 4 March 2022, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) recorded 1,058 civilian casualties in Ukraine: 351 killed and 707 injured.

Evidence that Ukraine has been run by nazis since February 2014

The Causes of the Conflict in Ukraine Beyond Russian Interests, part 2 Resumen

U.S./NATO Real Culprits in Ukraine Crisis Fighting Words

U.S. and allies quietly prepare for a Ukrainian government-in-exile and a long insurgency Washington Post

Germany under the NATO banner: largest military since World War II Anti-bellum

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