Saturday’s news links – March 5, 2022

Food prices jump 24.1% yr/yr to hit record high in Feb, U.N. agency says Reuters

How Sports Have Been Used to Attack Trans People Dave Zirin

At Least Five Trans Women Have Been Killed in 2022 So Far them.

Oil Crisis 2.0: US Gas Prices Jump Most Overnight Since Iraq War, Record Highs Imminent Tyler Durden

US Supreme Court Says FBI Can Invoke ‘State Secrets’ to Evade Scrutiny of Post-9/11 Mosque Spying Sputnik

After two weeks of demands from factory workers, the Haitian government raises the minimum wage from 500 gourdes ($5) to 685 gourdes ($6.85). The unions are demanding that the minimum wage be set at 1,500 gourdes ($15). They plan to protest for 3 days. Port au Prince, Haiti, Feb. 23, 2022.


‘We are not slaves!’: Haitian garment workers strike for a fair wage Real News Network


Pompeo calls for US to recognize Taiwan as ‘free and sovereign country’ MSN

Chinese FM questions US role in Ukraine crisis amid the latter’s smears on China Global Times

European NatGas Surges To New Record Highs As Russian Pipeline Flows Stall Tyler Durden

U.S./NATO war

Bunny Rabbits and the Big Bad Wolf: Ukraine and Russia through the lens of Western reporting Gilbert Doctorow

Ukraine and Washington’s Hypocrisy Resumen

Calling Russia’s Attack ‘Unprovoked’ Lets US Off the Hook FAIR

War in Ukraine to boost Pentagon’s annual budget closer to trillion dollars Anti-bellum

How Ukraine’s Jewish president Zelensky made peace with neo-Nazi paramilitaries on front lines of war with Russia Alexander Rubinstein and Max Blumenthal

Extremist Ukrainians Prevent People from Leaving Mariupol City via Humanitarian Corridors, Execute Mayor Kreminna City Orinoco Tribune

Greek in Mariupol: ‘Fascist Ukrainians Would Kill me, They Don’t Let us Leave the City’ Orinoco Tribune

Russia’s UN Envoy Blasts Claims That Russian Military Attacked Zaporozhskaya NPP in Ukraine as Lie Sputnik

Ukraine & Nukes Consortium News

After a New York Times reporter grossly distorted what Putin and Zelensky have said and done about nuclear weapons, Steven Starr corrects the record and deplores Western media, in general, for misinforming and leading the entire world in a dangerous direction.

Russian anger as Senator Lindsey Graham calls for Putin’s assassination BBC

NBC Off by 18 Years on US’s Last Use of Cluster Bombs FAIR

U.S. censorship: How to access

If you can’t get news from RT due to government restrictions, here are some alternative ways to access our content

Serious attempts have been made in Western nations to silence RT, following Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine. The EU Commission has given regulators in the bloc’s nations powers to ban the media outlet. If you’ve faced difficulties accessing RT’s content due to those restrictions, here are some steps you can take to bypass them.

1. If you’re reading RT on your smartphone, you can use our Android app, which can be downloaded via this link.

2. On your PC, you can use the Tor browser, which can be downloaded here. RT’s website address in Tor remains the same: If Tor doesn’t work for you, or is unavailable via regular means, you can resolve this issue by sending an empty email to and you will be sent the necessary link.

3. Another way of circumventing restrictions is to use the Psiphon censorship-bypass tool, which can be downloaded for Windows, Android, and other systems. Alternatively, you can use a VPN service of your choice. (Windows download here, direct Android download here, and other options here).

4. You can also stay in touch with RT through Telegram by subscribing to RT’s soon-to-be-reborn channel there.

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