Friday’s news links – March 4, 2022

Isaac Kassirer’s Tenants Win Ruling, Launch Rent Strike The Real Deal

Investigation Shows Police Are Still Secretly Surveilling Minnesota Activists Truthout

Three ocean carrier monopolies have raised cargo rates by 1000 percent Yahoo News


COVID-19 death toll four times higher in lower-income countries than rich ones Common Dreams

Masks Work, Period. Peter Daou

Washington resurrects talk of two-war doctrine in nod to China Hankyoreh (Korea)

If Russian Currency Reserves Aren’t Really Money, the World Is in for a Shock WSJ

Russia Said It’s Pushing Ahead with Building a Massive Natural-Gas Pipeline to China InfoBRICS

Russian Firms Rush To Open Accounts At Chinese Banks Tyler Durden

Big Oil’s Sudden Decision To Exit Russia Comes At A High Price OilPrice

NATO and Africa: A relationship of colonial violence and structural White supremacy MR Online

U.S./NATO war

Kraken CEO fires back at Ukraine’s request to freeze Russian crypto: ‘Step 1 would be to freeze all U.S. accounts’ Fortune

Ukraine Exposes White Supremacist Foreign Policy Margaret Kimberley

Serbia is only free country in Europe, only one not obeying NATO’s orders – official Anti-bellum

Statement of the Hungarian Workers’ Party

What the Hungarian Workers’ Party has been warning about almost every day for a long time has happened. War broke out in the eastern part of Europe. It is not a Russian-Ukrainian war, but a NATO war against Russia

Spearhead of NATO’s 40,000-troop strike force arrives in Romania Anti-bellum

U.S. Wants To “Degrade” Russia As Oil, Gas Power OilPrice

Why a photo of Freeland holding a black-and-red scarf sparked a firestorm online National Post

Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland was photographed holding a scarf bearing colors associated with a far-right Ukrainian paramilitary group from the Second World War this past weekend.

The war crimes of Nazi-Bandera nationalists must be condemned by the whole world Communist Party of the Russian Federation

“The Response to External Pressure Must Be a Radical Change of international policy” Communist Party of the Russian Federation

Why the Russia went to war in Ukraine Irina Makenko [warning, graphic images of war]

Russian Intelligence Chief Says Intel Showed Ukraine Was Working on Nukes, US Knew About It Sputnik

White House Says US Is Sharing Intelligence With Ukraine in ‘Real Time’ to Help Fight Russia Dave DeCamp

After Abstaining In UN Vote, China Blames US & NATO For Ukraine War Tyler Durden

The US and NATO have never been sanctioned for starting wars. Why? RT

Russian Military Morale & Anti-War Sentiment At Home Aren’t What The Media Claims Andrew Korybko

Russian Defense Ministry summons Croatian defense attaché over mercenaries in Ukraine Anti-bellum

RT America ceases productions and lays off most of its staff CNN

Spotify Purges Dissident Voices In Latest Censorship Escalation Caitlin Johnstone

Opinion: Coverage of Ukraine has exposed long-standing racist biases in Western media Washington Post

If the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) Is Subverting Democracy—Why Aren’t Some of the Left Media Calling It Out? Covert Action Magazine

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