Thursday’s news links – March 3, 2022

Philadelphia police fatally shot a 12-year-old in the back Tuesday, officials say Inquirer

Washington, D.C., bans some evictions DCist

Inflation Targeting Voodoo Anis Chowdhury and Jomo Kwame Sundaram

People all over expect policies by central bankers trained in economics to have a sound scientific base. But inflation targeting is an article of faith with neither theoretical nor empirical basis.

‘You can do better’: Serena Williams calls out New York Times for using picture of sister Venus instead of her Yahoo News


The Biden Administration Killed America’s Collective Pandemic Approach Katherine Wu, The Atlantic


U.S. doctors, graduated in Cuba OnCubaNews


Gold will soar as China seeks US dollar alternatives David P. Goldman

China is looking for alternatives to the US dollar as a reserve currency after Western nations froze the foreign assets of Russia’s central bank last week, former IMF chief economist Kenneth Rogoff told media on March 1.

China buys more Iranian oil now than it did before sanctions, data shows Hellenic Shipping News

U.S./NATO war

Nazi general Marchenko named Governor of Odessa Voltaire Network

On the evening of 2 March 2022, by virtue of decrees №87/2022 and №88/2022, President Zelensky appointed Generals Igor Taburets and Maxim Marchenko governors of the Cherkassy and Odessa regions.

General Igor Taburets is the former Commander of Military Intelligence.

General Maxim Marchenko is the former commander of the Nazi Aidar Battalion which was routed earlier the same day.

To Punish Putin, the World Turned Finance Into a Weapon of War Bloomberg

Harsher sanctions against Russia could hurt U.S. banks American Banker

What you should really know about Ukraine MR Online

  • The U.S. Helped Overthrow Ukraine’s Elected President
  • Washington Used Nazis to Help Overthrow the Government
  • The U.S. Wants to Expand NATO
  • The U.S. Wouldn’t Tolerate What Russia Is Expected to Accept

Disarming Ukraine – Day 7 MoA

The U.S. government and ‘western’ media claim that the World condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

That is however far from reality. It is only true if true if you believe ‘the world’ solely exists of the 5-eye spying cooperation (U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand), the European Union, Switzerland, Japan and Singapore.

The view differs when you zoom out.

The much bigger ‘rest of the world’ has not condemned Russia but understands how the conflict came about. They blame, like political scientist John Mearsheimer, the U.S. for causing the crisis. This includes, as far as I can tell, all of Africa (54 states), South America, Central America, the Middle East, and all of Asia ex Japan and Singapore.

This rest of the world that did not condemn Russia includes several notable U.S. allies and ‘partners’ like Turkey (Nato’s second biggest army!), India, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Israel.

Why Russian operation focuses on Donbass, Black Sea regions India Punchline

A full week has passed and the Russian bombers are nowhere to be seen. But this doesn’t mean that Kiev is not a prime target. Russia seems to be counting on an eventual “implosion” in the city as a climactic moment of the war, triggering the eclipse of the western-backed regime installed in Kiev February 2014 following the CIA-sponsored coup.

Arming Ukrainian civilians was a horribly cynical propaganda stunt by the regime, acting on the advice of western mentors. But the blowback has begun. Armed gangs are roaming the streets of Kiev adding to the mayhem. If it continues, an army takeover cannot be ruled out at some point.

The Russian forces would much rather avoid fighting the Ukrainian army as the “enemy” — with the exception, of course, of Neo-Nazi formations (as in Kharkiv and Mariupol, or elsewhere in the southeastern Donbass region.)

Evidently, Russians do not want to destroy Ukraine. The objective is revive Ukraine’s sovereignty under a Ukrainian leadership and help in its build-up as a strong enduring buffer against any future western invasions.

One week into the Russian special operation in the Ukraine – update The Saker 

Ukrainian Nationalist [neo-Nazi] Battalions Prepare Mass Murder Provocations In Mariupol

U.S. has sent hundreds of Stinger missiles to Ukraine this week NBC News

Germany delivers 500 Stinger missiles, 1,000 anti-tank weapons to Ukraine Anti-bellum

Western sanctions only create more problems for the global economy Global Times (China)

China Won’t Join Russia Sanctions, Banking Regulator Warns Tyler Durden

Zoltan Pozsar Warns Russian Sanctions Threaten Dollar’s Reserve Status Tyler Durden

Serbian parliament president: When Hitler entered Ukraine, the U.S. did not declare war Anti-bellum

Why Middle East won’t join US in isolating Russia M. K. Bhadrakumar

From 1997: Arms Makers See Bonanza In Selling NATO Expansion NYTimes

Arms Industry Sees Ukraine Conflict as an Opportunity, Not a Crisis Truthout

US Activist: West Carrying Out Massive Propaganda to Portray Russia as Enemy Sputnik

Ukraine Exposes White Supremacist Foreign Policy Margaret Kimberley

It’s Different, They’re White: Media Ignore Conflicts Around the World to Focus on Ukraine MPN

They are ‘civilised’ and ‘look like us’: the racist coverage of Ukraine Guardian

Iraq War architect Condoleezza Rice condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as war crime M/P

Yes, The AZOV Battalion is a Nazi Sympathizer Larry Johnson

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