Wednesday’s news links – March 2, 2022

San Diego grocery workers: “Fifty-five cents is not acceptable. Look at the price of the food, of the gasoline.”

Grocery workers seek better pay and conditions as chains reap huge profits Guardian

Could Another Grocery-Store Strike Be Headed San Diego’s Way? NBC

Calling Both Sides ‘Spoiled’ in Baseball Lockout Ignores How Owners Forced Labor War FAIR

Workers behind the first union push at an Amazon retail store just sent management a list of demands, including a starting wage of $25 an hour Business Insider

Eviction cases overwhelming legal services The Real Deal


China rattled by calls for Japan to host US nuclear weapons Guardian

Beijing, Moscow to continue normal trade cooperation, says Chinese foreign ministry TASS

China media goads Russia to use CIPS over SWIFT Asia Times

Follow the money: how Russia will bypass western economic warfare Pepe Escobar

Bolivia: NATO is a Threat to International Security Kawsachun News


Colombia, US & NATO Carry Out Naval Drill near Venezuela (+Nuclear Submarine) Orinoco Tribune

For African and Colonized Peoples, to Understand Ukraine: De-center Europe and Focus on Imperialism Black Alliance for Peace

Ukraine: Getting it Right: A Revolutionary Pan-African Perspective Gerald A. Perreira

U.S./NATO war

The Causes of the Conflict in Ukraine Beyond Russian Interests, part 1 Resumen

Bulgaria sacks defence minister for saying Ukraine invasion was not a ‘war’ Euronews

German warplanes patrolling skies over Poland, air force says Reuters

Russia Ends Another of Ukraine’s War Crimes – Fresh Water Flows Again to Crimea The New Atlas

Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Shares—Then Deletes—Photo Holding Fascist Banner at Ukraine Protest Sputnik

‘Moving, But Completely Fake’: Russian Diplomat Catches State Department in a Lie About Ukraine Op Sputnik

We’re Europeans, Christians, Whites! Indian Punchline

Racist Ukraine coverage in mainstream Western media. Notice the racist overtones.

Blowback: How US-funded fascists in Ukraine mentor American white supremacists Greyzone [from 2018]

America Defeats Germany for the Third Time in a Century: The MIC, OGAM and FIRE Sectors Conquer NATO Michael Hudson

U.S. has its knee to the neck of Europe in the form of NATO: an interview 1 March with Radio Belarus Gilbert Doctorow

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