Monday’s news links – Feb. 28, 2022

[Warning, U.S. cyberwarfare operators are intermittently blocking TASS, RT, Sputnik, so some links may not work. Only sanctioned, pro-NATO news sources are freely accessible.]

In The Worker Empowerment Movement, Starbucks Employees Are Starting To Embrace Unions Forbes

New evidence of discrimination against Black coaches in the NFL since 2018 Salon

$125 Oil Could Push The U.S. Into A Recession OilPrice

US fossil fuel industry leaps on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to argue for more drilling Guardian


Studies offer further evidence that the coronavirus pandemic began in animals in Wuhan market CNN

SARS-CoV-2 emergence very likely resulted from at least two zoonotic events Zenodo 

The Huanan market was the epicenter of SARS-CoV-2 emergence Zenodo

U.S. global cyberwarfare

Exclusive: evidence of US monitoring 45 countries, regions exposed by Chinese cybersecurity experts for the 1st time Global Times

Chinese cybersecurity lab discovers US backdoor at Chinese systems Pekingnology

U.S./NATO war

China clarifies neutral stance as Russia, Ukraine poised for talks Global Times

Chinese military experts said Russia has been restrained in using force to attack the Ukrainian army because most Russian forces are being deployed to prevent NATO intervention, but Russia does not want the conflict to last long, so it might change strategy depending on how the situation develops. …

Western voices should not be allowed to dominate the voice of the international community over the Ukraine situation, as Western powers, especially the US and NATO, have actually been the key forces in instigating the crisis and contradiction between Russia and Ukraine. In other words, the West is now deliberately taking sides, said analysts.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang said, “China maintains that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries should be respected and protected and the purposes and principles of the UN Charter should be earnestly observed. This position of China is consistent and clear-cut, and applies equally to the Ukraine issue.”

But he also said, “The legitimate security concerns of all countries should be respected. Given NATO’s five consecutive rounds of eastward expansion, Russia’s legitimate security demands ought to be taken seriously and properly addressed.” …

The reason why China believes Russia does have “legitimate security concerns” is that “we have seen how NATO acted to pressure Russia and destroyed the former Yugoslavia in the past. If there hadn’t been these concrete security pressures and NATO military deployments around Russian territory, Moscow would not have needed to carry out such risky military operations to respond to NATO’s threat,” Yang said.

Chinese embassy points to ‘real threat to the world’ RT

The Chinese Embassy in Russia has shared a list of US bombings and invasions since World War 2

China Claims That the US Is the Real Threat to the World teleSUR

Russia’s strategy to destroy Ukraine army going to plan Asia Times

Putin Puts Russian Nuclear Deterrence Forces on High Alert Over Aggressive Statements by NATO Sputnik

How Western Press Has Kept Silent For Years on War in Donbass & Neo-Nazism in Ukraine Sputnik

Moscow: Strasbourg Ignored Killing of Civilians by Ukrainian Death Squads in Donbass for 8 Years Sputnik

Russian Investigative Committee opens cases into civilian deaths in Donbass TASS

Western countries training far-right extremists in Ukraine – report Jerusalem Post

NATO’s Atlantic Council Promoted Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion M/P

Facebook Allows Praise of Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Battalion If It Fights Russian Invasion The Intercept

Donetsk and Lugansk: The Role of NATO and the US Strategy Orinoco Tribune

Batallón Azov, la extrema derecha nazi tras Zelensky LaJornada Azov Battalion, the extreme Nazi right after Zelensky [Google Translate]

Why the Chinese Internet Is Cheering Russia’s Invasion NYTimes

Poland rallies NATO’s eastern flank to provide military aid to Ukraine Anti-bellum

Germany to lift defense spending in latest historic policy shift Japan Times

Russia-Ukraine Coverage Update: What Western Mass Media Downplays Michael Averko

Fake News Warfare In Ukraine Conflict  Orinoco Tribune

Many Viral TikTok Videos of Ukraine War Are Fake Eric Garris

Brief history of Minsk-2 MR Online

WATCH: ‘The War in Ukraine’

Produced and presented by the Watchdog Media Institute, here is a chronological archive of events in Ukraine from the beginning of the Euromaidan protests in November 2013 to the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in July 2014.

“Bear-baiting as foreign policy.” Diana Johnstone

Scholz: Germany to Build 2 LNG Terminals to Reduce Dependency on Some Energy Producers Sputnik

Japan should consider hosting U.S. nuclear weapons, Abe says Japan Times

The U.S. is preparing war with China and Russia at the same time MR Online

African students fleeing the Russian invasion say they have been prevented from crossing to Poland due to a ‘Ukrainians’ first’ policy MSN

Indian students document abuse by Ukrainian soldiers over nation’s UN vote Anti-bellum

Bank of Russia Resumes Gold Buying After Two Years on Sidelines Yahoo Finance

Chechen Leader Mocks EU With Mirror Sanctions, Including One Acknowledging There Is ‘No English Tea’ Sputnik

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