Sunday’s news links – Feb. 27, 2022

Supporters Seek Clemency for Native American Activist Convicted in Killings NYTimes

Leonard Peltier, sentenced to two life terms 45 years ago in the shooting of two F.B.I. agents, is now 77 and in poor health.

“I Suddenly Knew It Wasn’t Worth It”: People Are Sharing The Moment They Realized They Had To Quit Their Job (And Quit Their Manager) Buzzfeed

U.S./NATO war

Congress Has Removed a Ban on Funding Neo-Nazis From Its Year-End Spending Bill The Nation [from 2016]

Under pressure from the Pentagon, Congress has stripped the spending bill of an amendment that prevented funds from falling into the hands of Ukrainian neo-fascist groups.

U.S. And Ukraine, Only Two Countries Vote Against UN Resolution Condemning Nazism Countercurrents [from December]

Putin tells Biden imposing sanctions will be seen as an ‘act of war’ Sky News on YouTube

US gov’t knew NATO expansion to Ukraine would force Russia to intervene M/P

Former US Ambassador to Russia William J. Burns, who is now CIA director, admitted in a classified 2008 embassy cable that NATO expansion to Ukraine crosses Moscow’s security “redlines” and “could potentially split the country in two, leading to violence or even, some claim, civil war, which would force Russia to decide whether to intervene.”

India shouldn’t miss world war pointer M.K. Bhadrakumar

Russia is not at war with Ukraine, but is locked in an existential struggle to avoid the fate of Yugoslavia. Period. …

The US is setting a ‘bear trap’ for Russia using the neo-Nazi forces. It calculates that if the Russian forces get bogged down, the door opens for a NATO intervention — 175000 NATO troops are positioned already on Russia’s borders with massive firepower and air and naval formations surrounding Russia from all sides.

A NATO intervention will be tantamount to US-Russia war — that is, a world war with nuclear weapons. On Thursday, Putin explicitly warned Biden to back off. But Biden has since indicated that the NATO will continue to pump weapons into Ukraine.

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine in Perspective Scott Ritter

Russian President Vladimir Putin had been subjected to a series of sophomoric psychological profiles that trivialized Russian national concerns as little more than the psychotic whim of a troubled individual. The caricatures that emerged of the Russian state and its leadership colored the analysis of Russia’s oft-stated concerns over what it viewed as its legitimate national security. …

Nato began arming and training the militaries of these former Soviet republics, integrating them into formal Nato exercises that transformed the Ukrainian and Georgian militaries into de facto Nato proxies. Indeed, Ukrainian and Georgian troops deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan were under the Nato flag.

Russian sensitivities were heightened following the Maidan Revolution of 2014, which saw a pro-Russian president replaced by a decidedly pro-Western Ukrainian government that made Nato membership a legal mandate. …

Ukraine’s push for Nato membership pushed Russia into a corner, prompting a demand by Russia, submitted to the US and Nato in December 2021, calling for written security guarantees that Ukraine would never join Nato. This Russian demand was ignored. Russia warned that failure to provide the demanded security guarantees would result in “military-technical” responses — a euphemism for war, which Russia implemented in full on Feb. 24.

Western Media Fall in Lockstep for Neo-Nazi Publicity Stunt in Ukraine FAIR

Donetsk Rights Envoy to Inform Int’l Organisations of Ukraine Violating Geneva Convention Sputnik

Germany to send anti-tank weapons and missiles to Ukraine, in major reversal of restrictive arms export policy that ‘marks a turning point’ for the country Business Insider

Pentagon readies another 12,000 troops for NATO Response Force deployment Anti-bellum

Major U.S./NATO war games in Baltic, nations bordering Ukraine underway Anti-bellum

US Racing $350 Million in ‘Immediate’ Arms to Ukraine; Includes Javelins, Ammo, Armor Defense One

NATO Trains and Finances Neo-Nazis and Jihadists in Ukraine Mison Verdad

Indian students stranded in Ukraine ‘beaten up’ at Poland border Deccan Herald

NATO and Africa: A Relationship of Colonial Violence and Structural White Supremacy Black Agenda Report

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