Wednesday’s news links – Feb. 23, 2022

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton: Gender-affirming care for transgender children is abuse Dallas News

Biological Essentialism Hurts All Athletes Isaac Sederbaum, Inside Higher Ed

Eileen Gu controversy exposes the importance of racial loyalty to the American Empire MR Online

Major projects at a standstill as concrete workers strike across King County (Seattle) KUOW

Why workers should oppose the far right Canadian ‘trucker’ convoy

How Two American Athletes Effortlessly Subverted the U.S.’s Information War against the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Danny Haiphong

Group Carrying Nazi Flag Interrupts Reading in Rhode Island NYTimes

The Red Ink Community Library was hosting a reading of “The Communist Manifesto” until it was interrupted by a group whose members shouted slurs and banged on the windows.


The Dirty Secret of Inflation: Corporations Are Jacking Up Prices and Profits The Nation

Big Companies Thrive During Periods of Inflation Wall Street Journal


Lifting Mask Restrictions Puts the Most Vulnerable at the Greatest Risk Capital & Main

The Atlantic Council

The United States Must Prepare for War With Both Russia and China Matthew Kroenig, deputy director of the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security in Foreign Policy


Beijing Warns US That ‘Bitter Competition’ With China May Escalate Into Full-Fledged Confrontation Sputnik


Iran says NATO’s US-led provocations have complicated Ukraine crisis PressTV

What are the Minsk agreements and what are their role in the Russia-Ukraine crisis? Peoples Dispatch

Truths and lies about pledges made to Russia MR Online

Sino-Russia Energy Deals to Defeat US/NATO Expansionism NEO

US Gas Exporters Set to Benefit After Germany Halts Russian Pipeline Common Dreams

EU will soon pay double for gas – Medvedev RT

West warned against sanctioning Russian energy sector RT

Over 93,500 Donbass residents enter Russia TASS

Russia’s Natural Gas Will Be “Almost Impossible” To Replace OilPrice

5 Commodities That Could Explode As The Ukraine Crisis Escalates OilPrice

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