Tuesday’s news links – Feb. 22, 2022

Rents reach ‘insane’ levels across US with no end in sight WSBT

Spelling mistakes and clerical errors could keep many stranded in shelters under city housing program Gothamist


How the ‘Battle of Billings Bridge’ attracted hundreds of volunteers, trapped convoy for hours Ottawa Citizen

Here’s What We Know So Far About Possible Trucker Convoy Protests Coming To D.C. Soon DCist

China slaps sanctions on US companies [Lockheed Martin, Raytheon] over Taiwan arms deal RT

Oil & gas

Soaring Energy Prices Pose An Existential Threat To German Businesses OilPrice

Oil & Gas Share Of Russia’s GDP Dropped To 15% In 2020 OilPrice

Germany takes steps to halt Nord Stream 2 from Russia AP

What’s at Stake for the Global Economy as Conflict Looms in Ukraine NYTimes

Countries that depend on the region’s rich supply of energy, wheat, nickel and other staples could feel the pain of price spikes.


Putin orders Russian military to Donbass Republics as peacekeepers RT

Details of Russia-Donbass cooperation treaty emerge RT

Number Of Shelling On LDPR Greatly Increased Before Russia Recognized States As Independent And Almost Stopped Right After SouthFront

EU to establish military mission in Ukraine Anti-bellum

Ambassador Jack Matlock’s Analysis Of International Laws And Treaties

Russia charged with violation of international law? Ambassador Matlock says its the U.S. that has violated international law.

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