Sunday’s news links – Feb. 20, 2022

How We Turned the Tables On Starbucks Union-Busters Labor Notes

Federal Appeals Court Hears New York Rent Control Lawsuits Real Deal


The Convoy’s Appropriations Are an Attack on Indigenous People The Tyee

Canadian doctors decide whether Indigenous women are fit to be mothers CTV News


The US Owes Afghanistan Reparations, Not Starvation Truthout

U.S. war drive

As U.S. Threatens War with Russia, Biden Administration Unveils Imperial Strategy for Indo-Pacific That Could Lead to War with China CovertAction Magazine

WSJ plays into Biden admin’s argument that West Africa is in US ‘backyard’ Responsible Statecraft

“You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.”


Ukraine plots provocations to blame Russia for aggression – Donetsk militia TASS

Kiev launches plan for invading DPR with West’s approval – People’s Militia TASS

Russia to protect its citizens in Donetsk, Lugansk if they are in danger – Duma speaker TASS

Lugansk and Donetsk republics’ heads order general mobilization TASS

Ukrainian military fires 200 shells at Donetsk Republic over three hours TASS

West promised not to expand NATO – Der Spiegel

Czech president lambasts US intelligence, CIA over failed ‘Russian invasion’ hype TASS

Milos Zeman compared those allegations to the United States’ past claims about Iraq and Afghanistan

Germany, France evacuating Ukraine Anti-bellum

Vox Omits US Military Role in African Instability FAIR

How a Trinidadian Communist Invented London’s Biggest Party NYTimes

The Hidden Stakes of the 1619 Controversy David Waldstreicher, Boston Review

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