Friday’s news links – Feb. 18, 2022


Ukrainian aggression prompts civilians evacuation from DPR to Russia – Pushilin DAN News

LPR People’s Militia says Zelensky directly ordered escalation of Donbass conflict TASS

Czech president lambasts US intelligence, CIA over failed ‘Russian invasion’ hype TASS

NBC’s Richard Engel promotes Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Battalion Thomas Scripps

Donetsk reports Ukrainian artillery barrages, impending assault with U.S. landing craft Anti-bellum

Ukraine preparing seaborne assault to capture DPR positions on Sea of Azov shore – DPR intelligence  DAN News

Britain, Poland, Ukraine confirm launching of “tripartite geopolitical alliance” Anti-bellum

NATO builds up forces at Russian borders, accusing Moscow of doing this — Lavrov TASS

‘Nazi salute’ shakes up EU parliament RT

Progressives in Zurich protest spike in neo-Nazi manifestations in the city Peoples Dispatch


Indigenous people watch the trucker standoff and see a stark double standard The Tyee

Indigenous women and allies march in Canada CGTN

Amazon union buster reportedly warned workers that they could get lower pay Engadget

Gold tops $1,900/oz for first time since June as Ukraine tensions grow Reuters

Dow drops 622 points for worst session of 2022 because Ukraine fears are rising again Marketwatch

Stephen Smith was once the richest Black man in the U.S. Why don’t we know about him? Inquirer


US media outlets now recognize China’s zero-COVID policy. Is it too late for them? Global Times

China’s ‘Zero-Covid’ Policy Holds Lessons for Other Nations Wall Street Journal

The results are remarkable.

Beijing has delivered what every country sought two years ago: low deaths with the least possible economic disruption.

Americans only now are moving on from the coronavirus. Most Chinese did so back in 2020.

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