Wednesday’s news links – Feb. 16, 2022

Members of Congress Urge Biden, Again, To Let Leonard Peltier Go Home HuffPost

How Medicare is quietly being privatized PNHP

Oil Executives: Higher Energy Prices Are Here To Stay OilPrice

U.S. corn-based ethanol worse for the climate than gasoline, study finds Reuters


Was the Super Bowl Halftime Show a “Missed Opportunity”? Dave Zirin

No bats, no balls, no fans: Pitchers, catchers don’t report AP

CP of Canada: No to the Emergencies Act! Defend Civil Liberties – Enforce Hate Laws

Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous from the Purépecha ethnic group tear down statues of Spaniards in Michoacan Mexico Daily Post


Winter Olympics: US skier says Twitter account suspended after he praised Beijing Games; they get ‘pretty bad media’ SCMP

Three-time Olympian Aaron Blunck says China has ‘done a stellar job’, while criticizing biased coverage of the Games. Snowboarder Tessa Maud says she has tears in her eyes when she recalls how warmly she was welcomed on arrival in Beijing

Virus Cases in China’s Olympic Bubble Fall Amid Covid Zero Curbs Bloomberg


Biden’s Multi-Billion Afghan Theft Gets Scant Mention on TV News FAIR

U.S. war drive

U.S. needs Ukraine crisis to harm European economy, and legitimize its military presence Yang Sheng and Xu Keyue / Global Times

Pipeline politics and the Ukraine crisis John Foster

Putin Calls Ongoing Events in Donbass Genocide Sputnik

The Big White House Plans Behind Its ‘Russian Invasion’ Scam MoA

US, NATO Positively Responded to Russian Initiatives They Have Been Rejecting for Years, Lavrov Says Sputnik

MP to BBC: Russians don’t start wars, they finish them, we don’t want WWII to repeat TASS

Elderly Ukrainian woman pictured around the world learning how to fight off Putin is being trained by ‘far right paramilitaries’: Azov Battalion’s founders believe minorities are ‘sub-human’ and proudly wear SS insignia Daily Mail

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