Monday’s news links – Feb. 14, 2022

Black FedEx driver shot at by white men draws parallels to Ahmaud Arbery case Guardian

‘Paying ransom for freedom’: How cash bail is keeping Black mothers stuck in prisons NBC News

Hertz claims thousands of renters steal cars. Customers argue they’ve been falsely accused. Washington Post

Hundreds of customers say they were arrested or served jail time after the rental car company reported them to police for stealing vehicles they had properly paid for.

On-Time Rent Payments Sag amid Massive Spike in Rents Wolf Street

The Lasting Legacy Of Redlining FiveThirtyEight

The Greatest Superbowl Halftime Controversy Since Janet And Justin Exposes Cracks In The Dance Industry Forbes

This year’s halftime show is mired in controversy after a call was put out for 400 “field cast” to participate in the halftime show as volunteers alongside 115 paid dancers on a union job. After substantial protest, it was announced that these field cast members would in fact be paid $15/hr, California’s minimum wage. However, they could be expected to be on-call as many as seven full days without any guarantee of their participation or payment.

Making ‘Dinobabies’ Extinct: IBM’s Push for a Younger Work Force NYTimes

Indigenous Peoples

War Chief of the Tyendinaga Mohawk Bear Clan Denounces Trudeau for Threatening to Use Militarized Police on Unceded Indigenous Territory Internationalist 360°

The so-called Freedom Convoy was never about truckers, or border mandates Truck News

U.S. war drive

Looking for Evidence? Trust Us, Biden Administration Says U.S. News

Zelensky asks Biden to visit Ukraine  RT

Lugansk: Withdrawal of Western Observers From Donbass is Preparation for ‘Large-Scale Provocation’ Sputnik

US war hysteria over Ukraine won’t gel M. K. Bhadrakumar

Isn’t it amazing that at such a tumultuous time in modern history when Biden visualizes a potential world war, he sent away his state secretary on a 6-day tour of Asia-Pacific? In fact, at the moment, Blinken is shuttling somewhere in the tropics — between Suva (Fiji) and Honolulu (Hawaii)!

Instigating Ukraine crisis serves US interests, offers lesson for Taiwan island Global Times

Cutting Russia’s Oil Flow To Europe Would Be A Disaster OilPrice

The Crisis in Ukraine Is Not About Ukraine. It’s About Germany Mike Whitney

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