Sunday’s news links – Feb. 13, 2022

From 2019 by Dave Zirin: The Rams’ Stan Kroenke Represents the Worst of the NFL

Canada: Nurses’ union files complaint with UN agency due to ‘forced labour’ Canadian Press

1 in 4 Temp Workers Reports Wage Theft, New Survey Finds In These Times

Judge upholds city’s law protecting fast-food workers from firing New York Daily News

Mortgage Servicer Accused of Pushing Distressed Homeowners Onto Its Auction Site Capital & Main

The Hidden Ways Companies Raise Prices NY Ledger

The Fed’s Target Is Workers James K. Galbraith

By announcing forthcoming interest-rate hikes at a time when total US employment is still below its 2019 level, the Federal Reserve war on “inflation” is really a war on American workers.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico: Large Protest of Teachers Hit the Streets of San Juan Resumen



Biden’s Decision on Frozen Afghanistan Money Is Tantamount to Mass Murder Intercept

Afghan Central Bank Calls US Theft of $7 Billion ‘Injustice to People of Afghanistan’ Common Dreams

Protest outside the US Embassy in Ukraine.

U.S. war drive

Top U.S. European/NATO commander sends F-15s to Poland, F-16s to Romania, nuclear-capable B-52s to Britain Anti-bellum

Three NATO aircraft carrier strike groups, 13 U.S. anti-missile ships in Mediterranean Anti-bellum

Protest outside the US Embassy in Ukraine.

“The Last Refuge of Scoundrels” MR Online

New Evidence of E. O. Wilson’s Intimacy with Scientific Racism

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