Thursday’s news links – Feb. 10, 2022

‘We have to make ourselves seen’: the New York rent strikers fighting eviction Guardian

Huge Con Edison Bills Shock NYC: ‘I Wanted To Really Cry’ Patch

Many New Yorkers were shocked to see that their Con Edison utilities bill for the month of January had doubled–and in some case tripled–from what they had paid previously. No, There wasn’t a mistake, and the company isn’t overcharging according to a spokesperson who attributed the rise in prices to the high cost and limited supply of natural gas.

U.S. war drive

US defense to its workforce: Nuclear war can be won Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

NATO nations have delivered $1.5 billion in military aid to Ukraine: prime minister Anti-bellum


USA CIA veteran hosting anti-China ‘Uyghur diaspora’ podcast funded by U.S. government MROnline

What are the Real Reasons for Washington’s Boycott of the Beijing Olympics? NEO

I’ve spent months analyzing the BBC’s coverage of China. Bill Totten’s Weblog

Hiding behind its self-appointed reputation of impartiality, the BBC actually has a global mission to serve the goals of the British elite. It is a prolific, ideological, and aggressive foreign policy actor behind its elitist institutionalist culture, advocating an intellectual, moral, and value-based supremacy on behalf of the West.

‘A New Axis’: NYT Slams Russia, China for Not Acting Like US, Had Few Harsh Words for Hitler’s Rise Sputnik

China Calls on US to Stop Sanctioning North Korea Sputnik

Germany an ‘occupied state’ – Russia RT


Scientists warn of new covid variants after discovery of Omicron in deer Mint

Covid-19 Deaths Are Not Over Counted GidMK

Europe’s Nuclear Fusion Race Is Going Private OilPrice

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