Monday’s news links – Feb. 7, 2022

Thousands march demanding justice for Amir Locke. Photo: Brad Sigal

5000 in Minneapolis protest police murder of Black man in no-knock warrant FightBack!

SWAT Officers Involved in Locke Killing Have Violent, Checkered Past Unicorn Riot

Alberta’s response to Coutts blockade proof of discriminatory double standard, First Nations say The Narwhal

First Nations leaders are asking why protesters at a blockade of a crucial border crossing at Coutts, Alta., are not being arrested under Alberta’s Critical Infrastructure Defence Act. The act was created in 2020 by Alberta Premier Jason Kenney in response to Indigenous-led blockades in Alberta. Across Canada, Indigenous land defenders have faced militarized police responses, including on Wet’suwet’en territory.

Increased U.S. natural gas exports = higher U.S. prices: Who knew? Kurt Cobb

U.S. Gasoline Prices Soar To 2014 High OilPrice

France Braces For Blackouts As Gas Stockpiles Dwindle OilPrice

The Brits aren’t the only European nation to find itself on the verge of a full-blown energy crisis.

Trapped in IMF debt, Argentina turns to Russia and joins China’s Belt & Road Benjamin Norton

Genocide Denier? Not Me, Pal. Try the White House Instead Vijay Prashad

In recent weeks, articles have dribbled out from respected and not so respected publications that have made serious allegations against me and others with whom I work closely. The articles, and the allegations, are scurrilous. One of the articles (in The Nation) pretends to quote from an interview I gave to its author …

There is no original reporting here, only dangerous insinuations. What are these insinuations?

First, and quite explicitly, these articles say that I am a denier of genocide in China.


Honduran Garifuna Doctor who Graduated from ELAM Joins President Xiomara Castro’s Cabinet Orinoco Tribune

WW3 Watch: Bloomberg misfires edition The Blind Spot

Major scenes at Bloomberg overnight after someone accidentally published a headline saying Russia had invaded Ukraine. When it had not.


Germany considers bolstered troop presence in Lithuania DW

Ukraine Crisis and the ‘Gas Game’ Aniruddha

Considering these warnings, perpetual denials by Russia about any aggression and the latest statement by Russian President Putin that the US is drawing Russia into some kind of armed conflict, it appears that sanctions on Nord Stream 2 and Russian gas supply are not a consequence of the Ukraine crisis, but Ukraine crisis is planned to hit Russian gas and energy trade with Europe. The situation gives the US, which is currently the biggest gas producer in the world, a needed pretext to suspend Russian gas supplies to Europe. If it happens, it will be a win for the United States in its trade war with Russia and a move that will checkmate the Nord Stream 2 project.

Why the EU needs Russian energy giant Gazprom Deutsche Welle

China’s support is a game changer for Russia M. K. Bhadrakumar


Chartbook #77: More than 7000 deaths per day … and we talk as though it is over. Adam Tooze

NY Times Pandemic Propagandist Has 5 Million Readers, Including POTUS Peter Daou

COVID-19 minimizer David Leonhardt has millions of readers and influences White House policy. His newsletter puts the most vulnerable at risk.

The enduring nightmare of being a COVID ‘long-hauler’ nearly 2 years — and 27 doctors — in Yahoo

UPS Teamsters fight against wage cuts FightBack!

The sugar runs out Michael Roberts

The reality is that only 80% of those Americans in the prime working age group (25-54 years) who had jobs before COVID have them now.

How to lie with inequality statistics David Ruccio

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