Saturday’s news links – Feb. 5, 2022

Chicago protest demands federal charges against killer cop Jason Van Dyke Fight Back! News

Black man killed by Minneapolis police was not named in no-knock warrant Guardian

Florida Ex-Cop Accused Of Beating Black Man Was One Of The Proud Boys Attacking Police At The Capitol Riots NewsOne

Tyson Foods’ beef profits expected to amplify concerns about high meat prices Reuters

Major TV news outlets are leaving it to Fox to cover the national assault on trans youth Media Matters

As transgender youth face a flurry of anti-trans legislation targeting their participation in sports and access to health care, a new Media Matters study shows that most major cable and broadcast news networks have left viewers in the dark about the onslaught, largely ceding national discourse of a multistate legislative assault on trans youth to Fox News.

Facebook’s Fall of 26.39 Percent Yesterday Delivered Billions in Losses to 401(k)s and Public Pension Plans Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Federal Job Fakery Hits Peak Balderdash

First, note that the actual payroll numbers FELL OFF A CLIFF! I’m putting reality in large bold print there because most financial reporters will probably miss that entirely. That’s right: the real count — the unadjusted numbers — actually FELL by 2.8 million! Whoa!


The Hypocrisy of the ‘Diplomatic Boycott’ of the 2022 Beijing Olympics Peoples Dispatch

Pedro Codaste


Filipino ex-militant and peace consultant’s killing raises many questions Peoples Dispatch

The banned Communist Party of the Philippines has questioned the military’s narrative surrounding the death of Pedro Codaste and alleged that he was kidnapped and tortured before being killed

U.S. war drive

MintPress Study: NY Times, Washington Post Driving US to War with Russia Over Ukraine

This MintPress study reveals that ninety percent of recent opinion articles in The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal have taken a hawkish view on the Ukraine conflict written by pundits tied to the national security state promoting NATO as a defender of the free world & describe Putin as Hitler incarnate.

US Again Tries To Pass Off Government Assertions As Evidence Caitlin Johnstone

That’s Rich!… False-Flag Experts US & Britain Accuse Russia Sputnik

Unable to Produce Evidence, State Dept. Spox Hits Reporter With Russia Smear Daniel McAdams

Pipeline Politics Hits Multipolar Realities: Nord Stream 2 and the Ukraine Crisis John Foster

A war with Russia would be unlike anything the US and NATO have ever experienced Scott Ritter

Chinese leader characterizes relations with Russia as “more than allied” — Lavrov TASS

US bioweapons activity poses threat to Russia, China — joint statement TASS

Russia, China urge US to accelerate elimination of chemical weapons stockpiles — statement TASS

UN names Moscow best world city to live in RT

Trump’s Long Campaign to Steal the Presidency: A Timeline Ed Kilgore, New York Magazine

The insurrection was a complex, yearslong plot, not a one-day event. And it isn’t over.

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