Friday’s news links – Feb. 4, 2022

Map: Where Are Starbucks Workers Unionizing? More Perfect Union

More than half of teachers are looking for the exits, a poll says NPR

Food Prices Approach Record Highs, Threatening the World’s Poorest NYTimes

America’s bridges are falling apart faster than expected Axios

Rotterdam to partly dismantle historic bridge for Jeff Bezos’s superyacht Guardian

U.S. Senators Want To Put Brakes On LNG Exports To Curb Domestic Energy Bills OilPrice

U.S. war drive

Russia, China push back against US in pre-Olympics summit AP

Blackwater is in the Donbas with the Azov Battalion Manlio Dinucci

Donetsk: Ukraine moves 150,000 troops, rocket launchers, NATO arms to Donbass front line Anti-bellum

Approaching 600 tons: seventh batch of U.S. weapons arrives in Ukraine Anti-bellum

Biden orders Stryker unit to Romania, airborne troops to Poland Anti-bellum

Pentagon puts several thousand more US troops on standby for deployment to Europe Interfax

U.S. National Guard forces remain in Ukraine as of now – Pentagon

An Artist Placed a Cube Made From $11.7 Million Worth of Gold in Central Park—Protected By Its Own Security Detail Artnet News

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