Tuesday’s news links – Feb. 1, 2022

Jean Roach, Lakota, speaking at Peltier press conference.

Press Conference: Demand Hospitalization and COVID Release of Leonard Peltier from Prison

NYT Twists Stats to Insist We Need More Policing FAIR

Labor unions

Amazon Told Workers Union Organizers Are ‘Thugs,’ Labor Board Investigation Finds Vice

Seattle Concrete Strike Underscores ‘Deaths of Despair’ Labor Press

15 Starbucks Locations Filed for Unionization Today Truthout

UPS Teamsters Fight Wage Cuts, MRA Games TDU

8 recent actions from US nurses unions Hospital Review

Leaked messages reveal New York Times’ aggressive anti-union strategy Guardian

North Carolina Removes MLK-Themed Novel from Classes Popular Information

White House braces for bad Omicron jobs numbers Axios

Employed Americans not at work due to illness

NATO – Ukraine – Russia

Top Weapons Companies Boast Ukraine-Russia Tensions Are a Boon for Business In These Times

In calls with investors, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin boasted that the worsening conflict is helping profits.

Stop the war posturing – Ukraine is a tinderbox Ben Chacko

NATO brothers: U.S., Polish, German tanks units drill for winter war Rick Rozoff

A short history of NATO eastward expansion and the current tensions in Europe Martin Woodley

Russia’s security concerns must be taken into account — China’s ambassador to UN TASS

Kiev cooking up media blitz to accuse Donbass republics, Russia of aggression, says LPR TASS


Fox News wanted viewers to hear an anti-vax trooper’s story – until he died of COVID Media Matters

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