Saturday’s news links – Jan. 29, 2022

Leonard Peltier Tests Positive For COVID-19 Native News Online

Barry Bonds’s Hall of Fame Opponents Can’t Handle the Truth Dave Zirin

Private Management Of Public Housing Led To Erosion Of Tenants’ Rights, Report Finds Gothamist

A report by Human Rights Watch found that NYC public housing units converted to private management experienced significantly higher levels of evictions, and in some cases long-standing issues such as mold, lack of heat, or lead paint, persisted.

WHOOSH Goes the Fed’s Lowest Lowball Inflation Measure. And Eats Up All Income Gains Plus Some Wolf Street

Crypto Co-Founder Revealed to Be Infamous Fraudster, Investors Shaken Vice

More than 30 Starbucks stores have petitioned the NLRB to unionize! CNBC


10 injured in Pittsburgh bridge collapse hours before Biden’s visit to talk infrastructure Washington Post

Pa. fuel tax meant for bridge repair went to state police instead WHYY 

U.S. war drive

U.S. continues to pour arms into Ukraine: fourth batch has 80 tons of ammunition

NATO practices nuclear missile sorties near Union State borders — Belarus’ security chief TASS

Biden Team Briefs Wall Street Banks On Looming Russia Sanctions, Including ‘Nuclear Option’ Tyler Durden

A War Only America & Britain Seem to Want Joe Lauria

NATO Spreads Fascism to Further Military Buildup in New Cold War Ranier Shea


Israeli soldiers bound, gagged 80-year-old Palestinian for over an hour before he died, army finds Haaretz

“Belfast:” Branagh’s Pathetic Paean to Northern Ireland’s Protestant Fascism and British Imperialism CounterPunch

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