Friday’s news links – Jan. 28, 2022

The Thin Bread Line: Why Being a Delivery Driver is More Dangerous Than Being a Cop Scapi

Army of millionaires fuel Senate primary spending spree Politico

One-Day Strike Nets $5+ Hourly Raise for Mississippi Bus Drivers CommonDreams

Baltimore Starbucks workers move to unionize against deplorable conditions RNN

Amazon Warehouse Workers In NYC Have Met Requirements For A Union Election, NLRB Confirms Labor411

Squid Game’s Strike Flashbacks Were Modeled on Our Real-Life Factory Occupation Jacobin

U.S. war drive

Soldiers from 82nd, 101st airborne divisions among troops on alert for possible Eastern Europe deployment to challenge Russia Stars & Stripes

NATO steps up military presence in Eastern Europe NYPost

Russia urges NATO to withdraw forces from Eastern Europe and reduce tensions — statement TASS

NATO assistance strengthening Ukraine’s armed forces for war in Donbass, beyond: MP Xinhuanet

Danish and U.S. aircraft arrive in the Baltics to execute NATO Air Policing NATO

Britain may deploy troops to Slovakia as well as Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania

‘No War on Russia’: Peace Activists Protest Outside White House to ‘Disband NATO’ Sputnik


President Xiomara to Restore Relations with Venezuela Kawsachun News

Physicists report first creation of self-heating plasma for nuclear fusion Axios

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