Thursday’s news links – Jan. 27, 2022

The Mcminn County [Tennessee] School board just voted to ban the Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel “MAUS” by Art Spiegelman

Bus drivers go on strike to protest low pay in rural Mississippi school district Magnolia State Live

Talks between oil companies, U.S. union intensify as deadline nears Reuters


US COVID-19 deaths surpass delta peak TheHill

The Biden administration paid hospital Covid-19 funds to drugmaker STAT


Taiwanese, US Vice Presidents in Honduras for Xiomara Castro’s Inauguration Won’t Meet, US Says Sputnik


Ukraine and U.S. War Propaganda Black Agenda Report

CNN: U.S. troops may be deployed to Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania

REVEALED: The 60,000 US troops already based in Europe ready for conflict with Russia Daily Mail

Wish to ruin Minsk-2 may push Kiev into war with Russia — expert Tass

UKRAINE CRISIS: When a NATO Foreign Minister Accused the Alliance of ‘War-Mongering’ Against Russia Consortium News

Putin in 2022 and Yeltsin in 1999 Rick Rozoff

What the world should be amazed at is not Russia’s misgivings over NATO effecting a cordon militaire along what the alliance terms its eastern flank, from the Arctic Circle to the South Caucasus, thus blocking Russia off from Europe, but the fact that it’s taken so long for Russia to voice those concerns.


Venezuela doubles oil output despite U.S. bans thanks to Iran’s help MRonline

Burkina Faso

Another U.S.-Trained Soldier Stages a Coup in West Africa Nick Turse

The leader of a coup in Burkina Faso is the latest in a line of U.S.-trained soldiers who overturned civilian leaders.

The 5G Airline Controversy: What Is It About? James Fallows

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