Tuesday’s news links – Jan. 25, 2022

Delivery workers, advocates celebrate in Times Square new labor rights taking effect Monday amNewYork

Advocate of Book Burning Becomes Chairman of Virginia School Board Dan Crawford

Rest in peace Lusia “Lucy” Harris SwishAppeal

One of the greatest basketball players of all time passes away at age 66 and is being honored for her pioneering career.

BNSF workers’ families protesting over attendance policy wfaa.com

Why 30 Out of 32 NFL Head Coaches are White: Pro Football’s Abysmal Record on diversity The Conversation


Tumult in Honduras as Libre Members Betray President-Elect Xiomara Castro Resumen

Xiomara Castro Denounces Hijack Of Legislative Power teleSUR

Wages, prices, profits

Washington Post Says Life Was Bleak for Workers on Eve of Pandemic Counterpunch

How much of our labor force has been lost to COVID-19? Marketplace

Indigenous Peoples

‘We are the power’ Al Jazeera

Canada’s Indigenous land defenders pledge to fight on.


Op-ed: Two years into Covid and we’re still not getting the message: It’s airborne! Crain’s New York Business

The Fallacy of “Mild” Omicron Dr. David Glassman

China tests 2M in Beijing, lifts COVID lockdown in Xi’an AP

23 Australians on ship delivering aid to Tonga have virus AP


Military Deployment in Ukraine: Is a War in Eastern Europe on the Horizon? Yoselina Guevara

Kremlin: Ukraine Amassing Troops on Contact Line in Donbass in Apparent Preparation for Attack Sputnik

Oil rallies as analyst warns Ukraine crisis could be a ‘seismic event’ for the energy market MarketWatch

U.S. science no longer leads the world. Jeffrey Merrvis, Science

72 hours of unpaid work? ‘Unacceptable,’ say dancers and critics of Super Bowl halftime show LATimes

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