Sunday’s news links – Jan. 23, 2022

Bereft of Paid Sick Leave, Millions of Ill Americans Are Forced to Work With COVID-19 – Report Sputnik

Nursing home staffing crisis: Omicron worsens pressure on workers Washington Post

Black Mississippi State Senators Stage Walkout as Critical Race Theory Ban Passed Common Dreams

The Continuing Humiliation of Black NFL Coaches The Atlantic

Capitalist crisis

Can the Fed Engineer a Soft Landing for the Biggest Bubble Since $12,000 Tulip Bulbs? Pam Martens and Russ Martens

In her 2007 book, Tulipmania: Money, Honor, and Knowledge in the Dutch Golden Age, Anne Goldgar writes that a tulip bulb in 1637 sold for the equivalent of $12,000 in 2007 money. Now think about the tens of millions of dollars that were spent last year for one NFT. It’s pretty clear that Tulipmania has nothing on the Fed-induced Bubblemania that is currently in the early stages of The Great Unwind.

Fear And Panic As Bitcoin Crashes 50% From All Time High Tyler Durden

Cryptocurrency Is a Giant Ponzi Scheme Jacobin

Trump Considered Using Military To Seize Voting Machines, New Documents Show Truthout


U.S. Says ‘Wants Peace Not War’ as It Arms Ukraine to the Teeth Finian Cunningham

Lunatic Pundit Says It’s “All But Certain” We’re On The Cusp Of A Massive War With Russia (Ukrainian-born MSNBC commentator,  Lt. Col. (retired) Alexander Vindman– remember him? Yeah, a career officer that only made Lt. Col.) Caitlin Johnstone

Russia does not rule out military provocations from US, Kiev regime – diplomat Tass

Confusion over UK claim that Putin plans coup in Ukraine Guardian

The Foreign Office also said it had information on former Ukrainian politicians who had links with Russian intelligence services, and listed five men. “Some of these have contact with Russian intelligence officers currently involved in the planning for an attack,” the statement added.

However four of the five men live in exile in Moscow, making their ties to Russia’s leadership less a matter of subterfuge than public record.

The Foreign Office’s claims were thrown into further confusion when the man it named as a “potential candidate” as Moscow’s presidential pick told the Observer he would make an unlikely candidate to head a puppet government for Moscow.

“You’ve made my evening. The British Foreign Office seems confused,” said former Ukrainian MP Yevhen Murayev, laughing. “It isn’t very logical. I’m banned from Russia. Not only that but money from my father’s firm there has been confiscated.”

Chinese embassy in Russia calls [Bloomberg] publication about [Xi] “request not to invade Ukraine” a hoax Independent

An Amateur Look At “Russian Build Up” Photographic Evidence By Walrus

The first of these, as used by Politico, correctly identifies the location of this vehicle park as Yelnya. However the image is cropped so you cannot see the extensive barracks and infrastructure which identify this as a permanent military base constructed no later than 2016. Furthermore Politico defines “near” the Ukraine border as within 150 miles for that is Yelnyas distance from it.

German navy chief resigns over controversial comments on Putin, Crimea France24

The head of Germany’s navy has resigned following controversial remarks on the crisis in Ukraine, a defence minstry spokesman announced on Saturday. Kay-Achim Schoenbach had said the idea that Russia wanted to invade Ukraine was “nonsense”, adding that Putin deserved respect, in comments at a think-tank meeting in New Delhi on Friday.

US Reportedly Negotiates LNG Supplies to Europe With Qatar to Cut EU’s Dependency on Russian Gas Sputnik


Biden Iran Envoy Boasted of Causing Civilian Deprivation Consortium News

Max Blumenthal reports on the sadistic contents of Richard Nephew’s book on the “art of sanctions.”

Clara Zetkin on the Path to Workers’ Power

The following extended address by Clara Zetkin to the Communist International’s fifth congress (1924) presents the most rounded defense by a Marxist leader of the call for a workers’ united front, which the International had adopted in 1921. Toward the end of Part 2 of this address, she provided a compact explanation of the “workers’ government” concept, probably the most precise left to us from the Comintern’s early years.

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