Saturday’s news links – Jan. 22, 2022

Florida could shield whites from ‘discomfort’ of racist past AP

Port drivers for major trucking company file for union election in LA, San Diego Daily Breeze

Activision Blizzard employees form first of its kind Game Workers Alliance Union Guardian

King Soopers strike ends after union reaches tentative deal with grocer Colorado Sun

Draft Order Shows Trump Considered Using Military to Seize Voting Machines Common Dreams

Indigenous Peoples

Damn Hard Work Nick Estes

On the life and legacy of American Indian Movement co-founder Neegawnwaywidung, Clyde Bellecourt (1936-2022)


Macron says EU must start own dialogue with Russia over Ukraine Guardian

France’s president hopes to restart four-way talks between Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine

Nato enlargement crisis: money becomes a weapon Ben Aris in Berlin

The issue of money has become divisive amongst Nato members. The US has suggested that one of the more extreme measures that could be used against Russia is to cut it off from the SWIFT messaging service that enables international money transfers.

US sends first shipment of military aid to Ukraine amid standoff with Russia EuroNews


U.S. propaganda against China on Xinjiang groundless: Pakistani officials Xinhua

Nicaragua: A Renewed Partnership with China Defangs US Regime Change Tactics Internationalist 360°

Are Morocco and Algeria Preparing for War? NEO

CNN’s Laura Coates says She was Told ‘No’ to Hosting Jeopardy! The Root

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