Thursday’s news links – Jan. 20, 2022


The Real Reason Americans Aren’t Isolating Atlantic

Many workers with COVID-19 still—still!—can’t afford to isolate, because they don’t have paid sick leave.

New Mexico asks National Guard to teach as COVID shuts schools Reuters

Flint, Mich.

Revealed: the Flint water poisoning charges that never came to light Guardian

Supporters of Amazon’s Union organizers, demonstrating in Salt Lake City, Utah.


BNSF railroad tries to block 17,000 workers from striking Seattle Times

Whole Foods protests federal rules allowing workers to wear Black Lives Matter mask News National

Local Activists See Amazon Union Effort As Potential Harbinger For Poultry Plants Daily-News Record

UPS Teamsters demand MLK Day become paid holiday FightBack! News

Overwhelmed Nurses Speak Out Against Greedy Hospitals In Eye-Opening Video On Deadly Staffing Policies Labor411

Penn State Students Against Sexist Violence hosts rally to ‘stop the unjust persecution’ of professor

U.S. foe or specific weapon not behind sustained, global campaign causing ‘Havana Syndrome,’ CIA finds Politico


US approves transfer of American weapons from allies to Ukraine CNN

Biden Says Putin Has Never Seen Sanctions Like the Ones US Preparing Now Over Ukraine Sputnik

Secretary Blinken Faces a Big Test in Ukraine, Where Nazis and Their Sympathizers Are Glorified The Nation

Russia Dumps $900 Million More in US Treasuries as Total Investment Hits Historic Low Sputnik

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