Friday’s news links – Jan. 14, 2022

Exclusive: Leaked Memo Reveals Kroger Executives Knew For Years That Most Workers Live In Poverty More Perfect Union

How Chicago’s Unionized Teachers Fought for Safety and Won Rising Up With Sonali

Nurses Go One Day Strike Nationally In Protest Of Pandemic Working Conditions Labor411

Hospitals Tell Nurses To Use Personal Vacation And Sick Days If They Have COVID Labor411

New revelation on Google’s anti-union strategy Market Research

NY Times Tech Staff to Vote on Unionizing This Month Bloomberg

Workers at a Starbucks in Cleveland might be the first in Ohio to unionize WKSU

‘Workers Are the Best Guarantors of Their Own Safety When They’re Organized’ FAIR

Teachers in France stage massive walk-out over Covid confusion France24

Housing, inflation, etc.

Landlords of Bronx Building Were Buying Up Affordable Housing in New York NYTimes

America’s Hidden Fire Kindling American Prospect

Federally subsidized housing complexes, many of them owned by for-profit investors, fail to enforce basic safety standards.

Inflation inequality: Poorest Americans are hit hardest by soaring prices on necessities The Conversation

More than 1 million fewer students are in college, the lowest enrollment numbers in 50 years NPR

Black Lives Matter

Protests in US after white off-duty officer shoots dead Black man AFP

Jason Walker was fatally shot by an off-duty officer during a road incident in North Carolina city


COVID-Hospitalization Numbers Are as Bad as They Look Ed Yong, The Atlantic

 Calling Omicron ‘Mild’ Is Wishful Thinking Katherine Wu, The Atlantic

Brain Damage Higher Over Short Term in COVID-19 Patients Than in Alzheimer’s Patients SciTechDaily

COVID vaccines safely protect pregnant people: the data are in Nature


Qassem Soleimani’s assassination has backfired on the US and Israel Middle East Eye

1930s coup attempt

Why is so little known about the 1930s coup attempt against FDR? Guardian

Business leaders like JP Morgan and Irénée du Pont were accused by a retired major general of plotting to install a fascist dictator

Cold War

Why did this astonishing document of Nazi atrocities vanish for more than 50 years? Forward

Yet those images — which Schulberg included in his astonishing documentary about the trial, titled, simply, “Nuremberg” — remained unseen for decades, as did the film in the entirety of 75-minute running time.

That is because, this new documentary reveals, by the end of 1948, the start of the Cold War had put on ice any possibility for it to be screened in the U.S. Even though the film had already been distributed throughout Germany, with America trying to rebuild Europe through the Marshall Plan, U.S. government officials declared that the American enemy was no longer the Nazis, but the communists and Soviets. And so the Iron Curtain cast its own shadow on Schulberg’s film.

Rand Paul Seen on Video Telling Students ‘Misinformation Works’ and ‘Is a Great Tactic’ Newsweek

Damning imperialism: Marx’s writing on China Friends of Socialist China

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