Wednesday’s news links – Jan. 12, 2022

Bronx fire

Bronx Fire Highlights Racial Disparity in Accidental Deaths Time

The Bronx Fire Was Not Only a Tragedy, but Also a Housing Injustice The Intercept

It is hardly a coincidence that the West Bronx, where the fire took place, has been described as “ground zero for eviction filings” since March 2020 — eviction proceedings that are stalled only while the moratorium stands.

Fire Retardant Violations Reported Twice Last Year in Bronx Apartment Building The Intercept

Smoke inhalation killed all 17 victims in New York City apartment fire, medical examiner says ABC News

Inflation hit 7% in December, highest since 1982 Axios

Stop calling workers “low skill” Vox

Essential workers aren’t “low-skill,” they’re low-wage.

New Report Reveals Kroger Grocery Workers Struggle to Afford Healthy Food Capital & Main

King Soopers union workers reject what grocery chain calls “last, best and final offer” Colorado Sun

These Grocery Workers Are Fed Up And Ready To Strike HuffPost

Indigenous Peoples

Clyde Bellecourt, One of Original Founders of the American Indian Movement, Passes Away Native News Online


New York City high school students walk out in COVID-19 protest MarketWatch

Scores Of NYC High Schoolers Walk Out Of Classes Demanding Remote Learning During COVID Surge Gothamist

Teachers’ Unions Are Making Totally Reasonable Pandemic Health and Safety Demands Jacobin


U.S. reports 1.35 million COVID-19 cases in a day, shattering global record Reuters

Peak Infectiousness Of Covid-19 With Omicron is 3-6 Days After Symptom Onset, Says New Study Forbes

A new study conducted by Japanese researchers has shown that peak viral loads in people infected with omicron occur between 3 to 6 days after the onset of symptoms. The study raises further concerns about the CDC cutting the self-isolating time for people with Covid-19 to 5 days, not 10.

U.S. hospitalizations surpass last winter’s peak. NYTimes

As an E.R. Doctor, I Fear Health Care Collapse More Than Omicron NYTimes

There Are No Heroes in Djokovic vs. Australia Dave Zirin

U.S. troops guard prisoners subjected to sensory deprivation and shackled in stress positions at Camp X-Ray at the Guantánamo Bay military prison on January 11, 2002. Photo: Petty Officer 1st class Shane T. McCoy/U.S. Navy


20 Years and 4 Presidents Later and Gitmo Still Not Closed Common Dreams

J.K. Rowling’s Hypocrisy: The Author who Smeared Jeremy Corbyn Gave Us Books and Films Full of Antisemitic Stereotypes MPN

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