Monday’s news links – Jan. 10, 2022

Chicago Cancels School Again Chicago Tribune

Children Belong in School. That’s Why We Support the Chicago Teachers Union. Jacobin

Instead of More Support, Schools Have Upped Demands on Teachers During Pandemic TruthOut

Why manufacturing has seen the biggest spike in workers quitting Washington Post

The reality is the sector no longer provides the good-paying jobs it once did. From 1976 to 2006, average hourly pay for a rank-and-file factory worker was substantially higher than the average across all industries for nonsupervisory workers. Now manufacturing pay is below average.

Economist Michael Hudson explains inflation crisis and Fed’s secretive $4.5 trillion bank bailout Benjamin Norton

States Are Hoarding $5.2 Billion in Welfare Funds Even as the Need for Aid Grows ProPublica


Covid may raise the risk of diabetes in children, C.D.C. researchers reported. NYTimes

Capitalism’s perpetual pandemic Andre Damon

The “new normal” of perpetual COVID-19 is, in practical terms, indistinguishable from the policy of “herd immunity” advocated by the Trump administration and expressed in the “Great Barrington Declaration.” The only difference is that the position of the former Biden administration officials dispenses with the myth that “herd immunity” would lead to the end of the pandemic.

All that is left is mass death in perpetuity, or, as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson put it, “no more fucking lockdowns: let the bodies pile high.”

Left unstated is the reason why saving potentially millions of lives through an effort to eliminate COVID-19, as China has successfully done, is ruled out.

China ends 2021 with worst COVID week since taming original epidemic MSN

The National Health Commission reported on Saturday 175 new community infections with confirmed clinical symptoms for December 31, bringing the total number of local symptomatic cases in mainland China in the past week to 1,151.

Expert predicts up to 5 MILLION could skip work next week with COVID, putting strain on businesses and transport as US hits its second highest daily case count of 900,832 infections: Omicron peak is expected to crest at end of January Daily Mail 

5G and planes

Europe Has 5G. Here Is Why It Hasn’t Messed Up the Airlines. Barrons


Any outpost interfering in Taiwan question will be the PLA’s target Global Times


Fateful Collision: NATO’s Drive to the East Versus Russia’s Sphere of Influence James Kurth, INET

The Pentagon and CIA Have Shaped Thousands of Hollywood Movies into Super Effective Propaganda Counterpunch

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