Sunday’s news links – Jan. 9, 2022

In many states, workers still earn only $7.25 an hour. Business Insider

Maine governor vetoes bill to allow farm workers to unionize WHDH

Columbia University Student Workers End Strike With Tentative Contract Promising Raises Gothamist

NLRB Orders Union Election At Arizona Starbucks Labor411

US hospitals struggle to match Walmart pay as staff flees omicron Bloomberg

Biden and GOP May Find Bipartisanship by Elevating Big Pharma’s Pick to FDA Head TruthOut

Whole Foods Claims Constitutional Right to Disallow ‘Black Lives Matter’ Masks Yahoo

Indigenous Peoples

Wet’suwet’en Water Protectors Vow to Continue Struggle after Announcing Strategic Retreat Orinoco Tribune


Women in the Haitian Revolution Orinoco Tribune

The US is building, rather than tearing down GTMO prison facilities Responsible Statecraft

​Red Alert: The Redhead, the Red Scare and Aaron Sorkin’s Big Lie Caught Red-handed Ed Rampell


Ukraine-Russia crisis: US refuses to draw down troops Deutsche Welle

The Bedford Incident

A Sidney Poitier film that’s a challenge to the Cold War. The 1965 film stars Poitier and Richard Widmark. It’s directed by James B. Harris, the original producer of Dr. Strangelove. Widmark plays a hardened anti-communist cold-warrior and captain of the Naval destroyer USS Bedford. Poitier is a reporter given permission to interview the captain during a routine patrol. Poitier gets more than he bargained for when the Bedford discovers a Soviet sub in the depths and the captain begins a relentless pursuit, pushing his crew to the breaking point. Find this film streaming on YouTube and other online sources.

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