Thursday’s news links – Jan. 6, 2022

Teachers union factions ramp up pressure on NYC to go remote over COVID surge NY Post

NYC teachers rally for increased COVID-19 safety measures NY Daily News

Chicago Public Schools, teachers union aim to reach COVID safety deal to avert another day of canceled classes Chicago Tribune

Omicron is closing schools all over the country Axios


Walmart cuts paid Covid leave in half, as CDC isolation guidance changes CNBC

New Covid Variant in France the Predictable ‘Outcome of Vaccine Apartheid’: Experts Common Dreams

Why Isn’t the World Vaccinated as Omicron Spreads Like Wildfire? Blame Rich Countries. New Republic

The very bad day at the CDC Eric Topol

There are serious problems about the new 5-day isolation period.

The CDC’s Defense of Its New COVID Guidelines Is Complete Nonsense Slate

Omicron Is Our Past Pandemic Mistakes on Fast-Forward Atlantic

A new drug to treat covid could create a breeding ground for mutant viruses Washington Post

‘There is no money left’: Covid crisis leaves Sri Lanka on brink of bankruptcy Guardian

Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous feminism flows through the fight for water rights on the Rio Grande High Country News

Seattle police faked radio chatter about Proud Boys during 2020 racial justice protests – watchdog Guardian

Temple University’s Black student enrollment has dropped. Critics say that never should have happened. Inquirer

Strong Earthquakes Spell Trouble For America’s Oil Heartland OilPrice

A Year After 1/6, Ukraine’s War Draws U.S. Far-Right to Fight Russia, Train for Violence at Home Newsweek


US applies to China for 18 officials to attend Winter Olympics after Joe Biden declares diplomatic boycott SCMP

Is Biden Risking War by Pushing Taiwan Independence? Larry Wilkerson



Emma Watson pro-Palestinian post sparks antisemitism row Guardian

The ‘free world’ cannot eulogize Desmond Tutu’s greatness and support Israeli apartheid Mondoweiss

Our ancestors worked less and had better lives. What are we doing wrong? openDemocracy

Price controls: do they work? Michael Roberts

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