Friday’s news links – Dec. 24, 2021

Amazon Reaches Labor Deal, Giving Workers More Power to Organize NYTimes

The agreement’s national scope and its concessions to organizing go further than any previous settlement that the e-commerce giant has made.

Amazon Workers Speak Out About Deaths at Alabama Warehouse Common Dreams

“Amazon is literally working people to death, and expects us to ignore it.”

How the Building Industry Blocked Better Tornado Safeguards NYTimes

Engineers know how to protect people from tornadoes like the ones that recently devastated parts of Kentucky, but builders have headed off efforts to toughen standards.

UPS Drivers Stage a Walk-in to Defend a Fired Co-Worker Labor Notes

‘An untenable work environment’: Grocery workers brace for Omicron surge LA Times


Subway Service Delays Feared as Omicron Hits the Express Track The City

The Biden Administration Rejected an October Proposal for “Free Rapid Tests for the Holidays” Vanity Fair

This Scientist Created a Rapid Test Just Weeks Into the Pandemic. Here’s Why You Still Can’t Get It. ProPublica

Rogel Aguilera-Mederos Rejected a Plea Deal. So He Got 110 Years in Prison. Reason

Colorado First Judicial District Attorney Alexis King said she pursued the punishment after Aguilera-Mederos insisted on his right to trial.


Russia says more than 120 U.S. mercenaries are active in eastern Ukraine What China Reads

New Satellite Images Purport To Show Russian Force Build-Up Near Ukraine Tyler Durden

As to the reports of missiles and other major hardware being moved near Ukraine … it remains that all of this equipment is still far away from the actual Ukrainian border, very firmly within Russia’s sovereign territory.

Controversial statue used as political tool to attack CPC governance removed by HKU Global Times

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