Saturday’s news links – Dec. 18, 2021

Union members walk the picket line outside of Kelogg in Lancaster, Pa.

Kellogg’s Reaches 2nd Tentative Agreement Payday Report

The BCTGM announced they had reached another tentative agreement with Kellogg’s. However, the agreement does not eliminate the two-tier wage system that led to the strike but does give workers $1.10 an hour. 

In emails leaked to More Perfect Union, one Kellogg executive brags that the most recent tentative agreement is a win for the company.

“In short… no overall gain for [workers] with 3 more weeks of strike and no income. No ratification bonus,” wrote the executive in a leaked email. 

Earlier this month, Kellogg’s workers voted down a proposed tentative agreement. It’s unclear if this agreement will pass.

For more, check out More Perfect Union. 


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