Friday’s news links – Dec. 17, 2021

Families gather at the site of a candle factory in Mayfield, Ky., that was destroyed by a tornado on Friday, killing eight people.

This Is What Happens When Workers Don’t Control Their Own Lives Jamelle Bouie

For a vast majority of Americans democracy ends when work hours begin. Most people in this country are subject, as workers, to the nearly unmediated authority of their employers, which can discipline, sanction or fire them for nearly any reason

Tornadoes ripped the roof off American capitalism Will Bunch, Philadelphia Inquirer

Labor Activists Want to Know Why Workers Were Left to Die in Extreme Tornadoes In These Times

As Winter Hits, Ironworkers Escalate Key Erie Labor Fight Payday Report

‘I can’t get a single present’: millions in US barely scraping by amid holidays Guardian

As of November, 15.6 million workers in the US are still being affected by the pandemic’s economic downturn; 3.9 million US workers are out of the labor force due to Covid-19, 6.9 million workers are still unemployed, 2 million workers are still experiencing cuts to pays or work schedules due to Covid-19, and another 3 million workers are misclassified as employed or out of the labor force, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

Kyle Rittenhouse To Speak At Suspected White Supremacist Group’s Event As Republicans Worship Teen Killer NewsOne

U.S. ends talks over compensation for families separated under Trump CBS News

Black police groups will argue before N.J. Supreme Court to grant parole to man convicted of killing trooper

The New Jersey Supreme Court has granted requests from 10 organizations to file legal briefs or make oral arguments when it hears the parole case of Sundiata Acoli, who’s been imprisoned for 48 years for the killing of a state trooper.

About half of U.S. oil pipeline space is empty after boom time building spree Reuters


Omicron is getting more defined Eric Topol

120 Manufacturers in the Global South Could Be Producing mRNA Vaccines If Big Pharma Would Only Show Them How In These Times

The history of the metal box that’s wrecking the supply chain Vox

November container volumes rise at Port of Oakland, drop at Los Angeles Hellenic Shipping News


US sanctions are causing a humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan Mathias Gjesdal Hammer

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