Thursday’s news links – Dec. 16, 2021

MLK family calls for no birthday celebration without passing voting rights Axios

The Man Who Spent 35 Years in Prison Without a Trial Marshall Project

The Creeping Privatization of Medicare Corporate Crime Reporter

Cellphone bans in the workplace are legal and more common among blue-collar jobs – they also might be a safety risk The Conversation

There’s a straight line from US racial segregation to the anti-abortion movement Guardian

Texas gerrymandering is all about keeping a grip on white power LA Times

Starbucks Workers in Boston, Arizona, And More Buffalo Stores File For Union Elections Labor411

Medicare Privatization Scheme Faced Legal Questions About Profiteering Intercept

A worker administers a COVID-19 test while standing inside a mobile coronavirus testing facility at an office complex in Beijing, Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2021.


China’s Zero COVID Policy Proves that the Elimination of COVID-19 is Possible Internationalist 360°

Colorado Hospitals in ‘Critical Condition’ as State Weathers Another Surge KHN

The return of the 10-minute eviction Washington Post

COVID 19 Top 20 Worst Evictors List

The Trump Coup Is Still Raging Kevin D. Williamson, NYTimes

What happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6 was not a coup attempt. It was half of a coup attempt — the less important half.

The more important part of the coup attempt — like legal wrangling in states and the attempts to sabotage the House commission’s investigation of Jan. 6 — is still going strong. These are not separate and discrete episodes but parts of a unitary phenomenon that, in just about any other country, would be characterized as a failed coup d’état.

The military-intelligence veterans who helped lead Trump’s campaign of disinformation Reuters

Is the U$A a Democracy? Tom Ferguson

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