Tuesday’s news links – Dec. 14, 2021

Workers Begged To Leave Hours Before Tornado But Say They Were Threatened With Termination Instead Labor411

Warehouse Workers’ Deaths Prompt Renewed Scrutiny of Amazon’s No-Phone Policy Truthout

Amazon warehouse collapse spotlights draconian worker policies Input

Union leaders “don’t blame” truckers for not showing up to “rotten” port trucking system CDL Life

Union officials are blaming a “rotten to the core” port trucking system for the country’s perceived truck driver shortage. Teamster Union officials held an hour long presentation over Zoom on Wednesday, December 8th to discuss supply chain problems over the last year, and they say that the way the trucking system is set up at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach is a major part of the problem

Columbia University Strikers Raise Hell, Saying School Plans To Illegally Replace Them In These Times

A Koch-Funded Group is Breaking Up New York’s Unionized Car Washes Documented

Startup Pitched Tasing Migrants From Drones, Video Reveals Intercept


Why Cuba Doesn’t Have an Anti-Vax Movement DeWereldMorgen.be [this is an English Google Translate link from original Belgian publication]

Veteran Nurse Says COVID’s Brutal Disparities Show Why We Need Health Care for All Capital & Main

Forty years into her career, RN Cathy Kennedy believes the poor and people of color will never get fair treatment until we make systemic change.

Revealed: Biden administration was not legally bound to auction gulf drilling rights Guardian

Trump coup

Trump’s next coup has already begun The Atlantic

Capitalist crisis

With inflation surging, big companies’ wage upticks aren’t nearly enough Brookings

Like millions of frontline workers around the country, Lisa Harris, a cashier at a Kroger grocery store outside of Richmond, Va., will bring home a larger paycheck this holiday season. For the first time in her 14-year career at Kroger, Harris finally earns more than $15 per hour—about $1.50 more than she did before the COVID-19 pandemic began. But despite the pay bump, Harris doesn’t feel she is getting ahead.

Wage inequality continued to increase in 2020: Top 1.0% of earners see wages up 179% since 1979 while share of wages for bottom 90% hits new low EPI

The bottom 90% received just 60.2% of all wages in 2020, the lowest share since data began in 1937 and far lower than the 69.8% share in 1979.


‘A police massacre’: Colombian officers killed 11 during protests against police violence, report finds Guardian


‘UN WFP and USAID Have Been Using Humanitarian Crisis to Prepare Grounds for Western Intervention’ Peoples Dispatch

Red Lucy: Was it just her hair? People’s World

Comedian and actress Lucille Ball, famous for her ‘I Love Lucy’ television program, was a registered member of the Communist Party in the 1930s, but during the Hollywood Red Scare in the 1950s, she played down her affiliation as something done to placate her radical grandfather.

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