Thursday’s news links – Dec. 9, 2021

Starbucks faces union test as worker votes are counted AP

Want to be a criminal in America? Stealing billions is your best bet to go scot-free Guardian

MLB misuses Clemente’s image in their locking out of the Players’ Union Payday Report


Terrible, flippant, wrong’: Doctors and researchers tear into Psaki for mocking idea of mailing free at-home COVID tests to all Americans Daily Mail

Where Are the Damn PCR Tests Already? It’s Been 21 Months! Truthout

City Hall Withheld COVID Neighborhood Death Data During NYC’s 2020 Pandemic Peak, Emails Show The City

Where Is Biden In The Global War On Omicron? Daily Poster

The administration has ways it could share vaccine information with the world — but it refuses to do so.

Not guilty: Palestine Action acquitted in first trial Electronic Intifada

Three activists who defaced an Israeli drone engines factory in the UK were found not guilty of criminal damage on Monday.


Russia Delivers Protest Note To US Embassy Warning “Dangerous Consequences” For Border “Provocations” Tyler Durden

Russia hands note of protest to US warning of consequences of US, NATO provocations TASS


US to deliver small arms and ammunition to Ukraine amid Russian tensions, Pentagon says Stars and Stripes


Amid talks to revive nuclear deal, US imposes fresh sanctions on Iranian entities and officials Peoples Dispatch


Venezuela: Guaidó Increasingly Isolated as UN Recognizes Maduro Gov’t in ‘Resounding’ Vote José Luis Granados Ceja


Carlos Martinez: the Summit for Democracy is just another excuse for China-bashing

China Condemns US Attempt To Disrupt Beijing Olympics teleSUR

What will be the casus belli for war with China? Peter Van Buren

From the sinking of the Maine to Saddam’s WMDs, there’s usually a ginned-up event behind every destructive US war.

World inequality Michael Roberts

Indeed, the share of income presently captured by the poorest half of the world’s people is about half what it was in 1820, before the great divergence between western countries and their colonies. In other words, the rise of imperialism as the ‘latest stage’ of capitalism has delivered increased inequality of income globally. The personal income share of the poorest 50% of the world’s adults or around 3bn people is half what it was in 1820! So much for even and combined development after 200 years of capitalism.

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