Wednesday’s news links – Dec. 8, 2021

‘Unbreakable Solidarity’: Kellogg’s Workers Reject Contract That Would Leave New Employees Out of Benefits Common Dreams

Kellogg to replace 1,400 strikers as deal is rejected Guardian

Jen Psaki Accidentally Tells the Truth About How Expensive Covid Rapid Tests Are in U.S. Intercept

House passes $768 billion defense bill, backing Pentagon budget boost Politico

Lawmakers approved a $2 billion boost to the Biden administration’s request for the Pacific Deterrence Initiative, increasing the program meant to beef up U.S. posture in the region and deter China to $7.1 billion.

The final bill approves a shipbuilding budget that would buy 13 new Navy ships, five more than the Pentagon requested.

Negotiators also agreed to procure 85 F-35 fighters, matching the Pentagon’s request. The bill authorizes 17 F-15EX jets, five more than the Air Force requested, and a dozen F/A-18E/F Super Hornet fighters that the Navy didn’t request.

Weapons trade booms as profits hit record $531bn in 2020 Al Jazeera


Pentagon Confirms Presence of US Forces in Ukraine, Declines to Disclose Number Sputnik

The United States pushes Russia to the brink of war, then cries “wolf” MR Online

Are the hawks taking flight over Berlin? James Carden

Two months after the German federal elections of September 26th, a governing coalition has been formed: Social Democrat Olaf Scholz will succeed Angela Merkel as Chancellor; Christian Lindner of the pro-business Free Democrats will take over the finance ministry; and Green Party co-leader Annalena Baerbock will become foreign minister. Advocates of realism and restraint should greet this last appointment with dismay. Given Baerbock’s past statements, including support for arming Ukraine and for humanitarian interventions generally.

Britain helped create the refugees it now wants to keep out Middle East Eye

Biden is approving more oil and gas drilling permits on public lands than Trump, analysis finds Washington Post

The PR Industry Has Been a ‘Major’ But ‘Overlooked’ Influence in Climate Politics for Decades, Says Study DeSmog

The fossil fuel industry spends millions of dollars on shaping its image in an effort to block climate action. A new analysis shows a relatively small number of PR firms have aided this campaign from behind the scenes over the last three decades.

China Strengthens its Ties with Africa, which Irritates Those Opposing It NEO

Eritrea Versus AFRICOM: Defending Sovereignty in the Face of Imperialist Aggression Black Agenda Report

The U.S. has built military-to-military relations with 53 out of the 54 African countries that include agreements to cede operational command to AFRICOM, the U.S. Africa Command. The broad network of AFRICOM military bases, as well as those from France and other world powers, are examples of how African states are surrendering their sovereignty through neocolonial relationships with Western countries. African self-determination and national sovereignty are impossible as long as the U.S. and its European allies are allowed to use military power to control African land, labor, and resources.

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