Tuesday’s news links – Dec. 7, 2021

A White teacher taught White students about White privilege. It cost him his job. Washington Post

Amid a growing furor over critical race theory, Matthew Hawn told his high school students in rural Kingsport, Tenn., that White privilege is ‘a fact’

Concrete Teamsters Begin Industry-Wide Work Stoppage

Indigenous Peoples

Maine’s Penobscot Nation produces educational film on the killings of their ancestors by European settlers AP

Chief Howihkat Freda Huson

Right Livelihood Award to Freda Huson, chief (Dzeke ze’) from the Wet’suwet’en people in Canada: “For her fearless dedication to reclaiming her people’s culture and defending their land against disastrous pipeline projects.”

Hawaii faces life-threatening flooding after some areas of the state see more than a foot of rain in 48 hours CNN

The Supply Chain Disruption Arrives ‘Just in Time’ Kim Moody

The single most important underlying cause of the 2021 supply chain back-up and crisis in the U.S. is a longstanding “shortage” of workers to keep goods moving.

According to the American Trucking Association there’s a “historic high” shortage of 80,000 drivers. This isn’t just truckers down with the virus. Nor is this “shortage” due to a lack of people who could drive trucks. As any Teamster can tell you, it’s stagnant pay, long hours, high stress, and health issues that drive workers from the industry and keep job seekers away. And that was the case well before the pandemic struck.

We Don’t Need a 24/7 Economy Rebecca Gordon

Consider what it means for an American president to call for dock workers to go on a 24/7 schedule to ensure that Christmas presents arrive at homes on time. A Gilded Age? Not for those workers heading for the night shift, that’s for sure.

Big Oil Profits Surge to $174 Billion in 2021 Amid Rising Gas Prices: Report Common Dreams

The billionaire balloon Yahoo News

The super-rich are getting stupid rich: New data out today shows the share of global wealth held by the richest slice of humanity swelled by almost a full percentage point during the pandemic.

America’s Middle Class Drastically Shrinks Real-World Economics

Two new secret combat drones are in the works, Air Force secretary says Politico

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