Sunday’s news links – Dec. 5, 2021

Student-loan payments resume in 2 months, and Biden’s only canceled debt for just over 1% of federal borrowers despite his campaign promise Business Insider

Controversial Alzheimer’s Drug Behind About Half of Medicare’s Yearly Price Bump Truthout

Backed by AFRICOM, corporations plunder DR Congo for “climate-friendly” materials and blame China Grayzone

Report: CIA considered kidnapping, killing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange CBS News


Facing Economic Collapse, Afghanistan Is Gripped by Starvation Original at New York Times

An estimated 22.8 million people — more than half the country’s population — are expected to face potentially life-threatening food insecurity this winter. Many are already on the brink of catastrophe.

Alphaliner Forecasts Record $120B in Profits for Container Carriers Maritime Executive

Thousands of Striking Columbia Grad Student Workers Threatened via Email With Replacement Newsweek


How well masks protect Max-Planck-Gesellschaft

A detailed study shows the maximum risks of being infected by the coronavirus for different scenarios with and without masks

In Praise of One-Size-Fits-All Boston Review

Critiques of vaccine mandates continue a neoliberal tradition of idolizing private choice at the expense of the public good. … To call a vaccine mandate a constraint on an “intensely personal decision” is to obfuscate the fundamental reality that pandemics are intensely social.

The Fifth Circuit Court got the science wrong on OSHA’s vaccination mandate STAT

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