Friday’s news links – Dec. 3, 2021

Migrants arrive in Villa Comaltitlan, Chiapas state, Mexico, on Oct. 27.

US to restart controversial Trump-era ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

Tentative Contract Reached Between Kellogg And Union Labor411

In Historic Speech, Deb Haaland Honors Native Activists Who Took Over Alcatraz HuffPost

Missouri health department found mask mandates work, but didn’t make findings public Kansas City Star

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson commissioned a report that showed mask mandates saved lives and prevented Covid-19 infections during the worst part of the delta variant wave, but it was never made public

Biden to Pentagon: Keep the War Machine Running The Intercept


Marco Rubio Met With Far-Right Chilean Candidate Tied to Military Dictatorship Intercept

José Antonio Kast’s father was in the Nazi army. Kast often speaks fondly of Chile’s former dictator Augusto Pinochet.

Chile’s far-right candidate tours the US Peoples Dispatch


Kiev’s rhetoric suggests looming military scenario in Donbass, Kremlin warns TASS

The Case of Igor Tarakanov Who Shot Down MH17 Before Shooting Himself in the Foot Dances with Bear

[Tarakanov] first appeared publicly two weeks ago, on November 17, to say he had escorted a battery of Russian Army BUK missiles from Russia into Ukraine early in the month of July 2014; that was days before Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was downed and destroyed on July 17, 2014. …

Tarakanov is an unusual name Russians aren’t keen to have. It means cockroach. As insects go, these are very ancient – about 350 million years – very hardy, very numerous. There is no evidence that soldier Igor Tarakanov exists – except for a publication in English by the Bellingcat group two weeks ago

How Bellingcat launders National Security State talking points into the press MR Online

Kremlin claims Ukraine may try to win back rebel-controlled regions by force TheHill

Russia is primed for a Persian Gulf security ‘makeover’ Pepe Escobar


China summons Japan envoy over former PM Abe’s comments on Taiwan Reuters

Honduras president-elect’s China pledge puts Taiwan and US on edge Guardian

Xiomara Castro’s victory in the Honduras presidential elections has placed the Central American nation at the heart of an intensifying diplomatic tug-of-war between Taiwan and China. Honduras is one of only 15 remaining countries that recognizes the sovereignty of Taiwan, which China claims as part of its own territory. But Castro made a manifesto pledge to end that decades-long relationship and establish diplomatic ties with Beijing.

Capitalist lies

The Right-Wing Story About Human Nature Is False Current Affairs

Are we naturally violent, power-hungry, and greedy? Rutger Bregman’s book “Humankind” devastates the myth of human selfishness.

Job growth disappoints in November, with a gain of just 210,000, despite high hopes CNBC

Expectations data indicate the US is entering recession about now VoxEU

Economic growth rate slows to 2% on a sharp slowdown in consumer spending CNBC

Top 10 container shipping lines on track for $115-120 billion 2021 profit: Alphaliner Hellenic Shipping News

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