Tuesday’s news links – Nov. 30, 2021

Win for Alabama Workers as NLRB Orders New Union Vote After Amazon’s Alleged Misconduct

China makes billion-dose coronavirus vaccine pledge to Africa SCMP

Latino cartoonist’s ‘TOONDEMIC’ fights COVID misinformation

FDA nomination slips after Biden admin fails to send papers to Congress Politico

The timing issue represents the latest complication in a months-long effort to install a permanent leader atop an FDA that sits at the center of the Covid-19 response and vaccination campaign. … Three Democratic senators have already expressed deep reservations about Califf’s candidacy over his connection to the FDA’s decision-making on opioids, as well as his work for a variety of pharmaceutical companies.

Microsoft CEO Nadella Dumped 50% of his MSFT Stock, Following in Elon Musk’s Footsteps

Indigenous Peoples

RCMP still clearing Indigenous lands for corporate interests The Breach

Photo: José Manuel Correa


Cuba, marching united (+Photos) Granma

Want to build more with less? Look to 1960s Cuba FastCompany


Thousands march against right-wing maneuver to impeach President Pedro Castillo Peoples Dispatch


Left-wing candidate Xiomara Castro all set to become Honduras’ next president Peoples Dispatch

Xiomara Castro brings hope to Hondurans Álvaro Verzi Rangel


‘No More’: Worldwide Protests Oppose US Intervention, Corporate Media Disinfo on Ethiopia, Eritrea Sputnik

‘We Will Not Go Away’: Twitter Suspends Ethiopian, Eritrean Accounts After Global #NoMore Protests Sputnik

German Inflation Rate Soars to 29-Year High of 5.2% – Statistics Sputnik

Putin praises significant development of energy cooperation between Russia and China TASS

Remembering Mao Anying, son of Mao Zedong who died fighting US imperialism in Korea Xia Yuansheng

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