Friday’s news links – Nov. 26, 2021


Workers at the New York Times’ Wirecutter website at a Nov. 25 rally as they go on strike.
Photo: Wirecutter Union / Twitter

The New York Times’ Wirecutter staff has gone on strike ahead of the busiest shopping days of the year Insider

Black Friday’s Supply Chain Problems Are Really Labor Problems TNR

This holiday shopping season, Covid-induced shortages meet the long-term project to squeeze retail and transport workers.

Amazon’s Next Crisis—Global Protests And Strikes On Black Friday Forbes

Thanksgiving is a day of mourning for New England’s Native American tribes NPR

West Virginia textbook battle shows how GOP turned its image from ‘blue blood to blue collar’ Guardian


US lawmakers meet with Taiwan president in surprise visit NPR

‘Democracy summit’ a wimpy show of US, Taiwan island Global Times

Australia rushes troops to Solomon Islands as rioting erupts over Taiwan decision The Independent

Anti-government protests erupted over the decision to switch diplomatic allegiances from Taiwan to China

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