Wednesday’s news links – Nov. 24, 2021

1500 rally and march in Chicago against Rittenhouse verdict FightBack! News

Charlottesville [white supremacists] found liable for civil conspiracy and ordered to pay millions in damages Raw Story

Returning a verdict against dozens of white supremacist leaders and organizations who organized Unite the Right, a Virginia jury has awarded more than $25 million in damages to nine plaintiffs who were injured in the violence during the chaotic rally that ended with a car attack by James Fields.

Kevin Strickland, imprisoned 43 years for Kansas City murders he says he didn’t commit, could be exonerated Washington Post

Four Black Men Wrongly Charged With Rape Are Exonerated 72 Years Later NYTimes

CVS, Walgreens and Walmart Perpetuated Opioid Crisis, Jury Finds NYTimes

Texas grid vulnerable to blackouts during severe winter weather, even with new preparations, ERCOT estimates show KBTX


West Coast Dockworkers Decline Contract Extension, Seek Talks Bloomberg

Dollar Tree Raises Prices: Here’s How Much It Will Cost You IBT

A health-care worker vaccinates a woman in Cuba.


Cuba’s bet on home-grown COVID vaccines is paying off Nature

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Cuba decided not to wait on the rest of the world to develop vaccines. The United States’ 60-year-old economic embargo against the country, which prevents US-made products from being exported there, would make it difficult for Cuba to acquire vaccines and therapies, researchers and officials knew. “It was best, for protecting our population, to be independent,” says Vicente Vérez Bencomo, director-general of the Finlay Institute of Vaccines in Havana.

So the Finlay Institute and Cuba’s other state-run biotechnology centres started developing their own COVID-19 vaccines in the hope that at least one of them would be effective. Their bet seems to be paying off: in a 6 November preprint published on medRxiv1, Vérez Bencomo and his colleagues report that one of the institute’s vaccines, Soberana 02, is more than 90% effective in protecting against symptomatic COVID-19 infection when used in combination with a related vaccine. Importantly, the combination seems to be effective against the highly transmissible Delta variant of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which has caused surges in hospitalizations and death across the world and now accounts for nearly all COVID-19 cases in Cuba.

Capitalist crisis

The Supply Chain Mess Robert Kuttner

The supply crunch reflects the interaction of just-in-time production and extreme offshoring with a privatized and deregulated logistics system.

The Great Supply Shock We Brought Upon Ourselves David Dayen

Supply-Chain Snarls Deliver Windfalls to Wall Street WSJ

Hedge funds cash in via appreciating stakes in container-ship companies, sales of vessels


Elections in Honduras: The Challenge of Ending Twelve Years of Neoliberalism Resumen

Violence and intimidation leave bloody imprint on Honduran elections Peoples Dispatch


Ethiopian PM Abiy Says Will Lead Army in Anti-TPLF Struggle ‘From the Battlefront’ Sputnik


Frustrated with CIA, Trump administration turned to Pentagon for shadow war with Iran Yahoo


Chinese scientists want to add wings to bullet trains to make them even faster South China Morning Post

Destroyer USS Milius Performs Taiwan Strait Transit USNI News

After the elections: Communism in the Czech Republic Morning Star

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